Aggies vs Lobos, Sunday at 7:35 p.m. at The Pit

Aggies Looks for Season Sweep Against Hated Lobos

Coach Lou Henson: On the UTEP Game:

"I thought for times, our guys played the best we have played all season."

On the UNM Game:

"It's always a battle when these two teams get together. We lost 70-49 last year up there, and I was ejected. We'll see if we can stay in the ballgame this time. We have our two big guys back, so it will be a much different game."

On the Aggies win against the Lobos in Las Cruces:

"I don't think either team had a good game down here. It will be a case of both teams trying to play better."

On the team's chances:

"We think we have a good inside attack if we continue to execute. With our upcoming schedule, we are going to have to execute a lot better to win. We still have a lot of improvement, and we just have to keep working."

On Sunday's starting lineup:

"We haven't decided for sure who is going to start yet. We have been giving Chris and James other roles in practice. We will continue to devote more time to them than the other guys so we can get them ready."

On the return of Moore and Jackson:

"We are hoping it doesn't take long for them to get back into a rhythm."

On how the Aggies will do at the Pit:

"You want to make the other team adjust to you, and not us adjust to them. I think we can do a decent job defending them. We are a lot bigger than them this time around. I don't think the crowd will bother our team, but the Lobos will do that. We think that if we play well, it will be a toss-up game."

Jason Fontenet:

On playing without Moore and Jackson: "Well, it hasn't been easy. We have been working really hard, and coach said the only way that we were going to beat UTEP was to press and anticipate the passing lanes."

On how his brother and him have been shooting:

"Kelsey and James have really helped our offense with the way they get the ball out to us. They are going to have to double down and Chris and James Moore, so that will give us more opportunities to shoot the ball outside."

On the match-up against UNM:

"They will probably be dedicating the game to Carey again, so we have to come out on the top of our game."

James Moore:

On how it feels to be playing again: "It feels great to be playing again. I put myself in a predicament, but it feels great. It has been really painful watching the guys play without me out there, but we are winning, so I became happy. The team has gelled together so fast."

On the team's play so far:

"No, it's not surprising that the team is playing well. We have a lot of talent on the bench and on the court. Me and Chris aren't the whole team."

On how he thinks he will play:

"We have been practicing with the team. I don't think we are going to be great right off the bat, so we will just have to wait and see how well we do.

Ritchie McKay Quotes:

On the Lobos last two games:

"We acutally played very poorly against Northeastern. Ruben Douglas pulled it out for us in the end, and that win gave us a lot of confidence."

On the Lobos guard play:

"I think our guards did a decent job against NMSU. We didn't guard Jason Fontenet in the last five minutes of the game, and Mason hit those two big three's. They are going to be a totally different team this time around with James Moore and Chris Jackson back. Coach Henson has done a tremendous job and it will be interesting to see how our young team matches up against them."

On Chad Bell:

"I think Chad has played well for us. Kelsey Crooks is a very complete player for the Aggies, and it's hard for Bell to guard a smaller guy like Crooks."

On Mark Walters:

"He is an extremely talented guard. I think he has a future as a professional someday."

On his first year as the Lobo coach:

"There has been a lot of adversity, but this is the best job in the world. The people, the community and the atmosphere is a great place for basketball."

On Ruben Douglas:

"He is a great player, and even a better person than he is a player. He felt so bad when Mason stripped him of the ball the last time around. He is such a competitor and is committed to our team. He has a great future in basketball."

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