Wells leaves for Utah State

One of the top 5 Red Menace coaches of all time. Matt Wells is leaving New Mexico to coach QB's at his alma mater

For those of you new to the website I always thought one of Mike Locksley's mistakes was not retaining Matt Wells when he took over at New Mexico (Yeah, I know hindsight is easy.) So we were excited when he was hired back by Locksley last year. So it is bittersweet to report Wells is leaving UNM once again to pursue his dream and further his career as the QB coach for Utah St.

"You can't begrudge a guy that is going back to his alma mater," said Lobo Coach Mike Locksley regarding Wells is leaving the University of New Mexico to become the QB coach at his alma mater Utah St.  Wells played QB at Utah St. from 1993-96.

I spoke with Matt Wells last night and he told me it was a "tough decision but it was the right time for my family and I. I know a couple of guys out there and I get to go coach quarterbacks at my alma mater. It is something I always wanted to do."

 Wells has been a WR coach at New Mexico but the desire to coach quarterbacks and the opportunity to move closer to an offensive coordinators position is also part of taking the job. "It puts me closer to the big chair," said Wells. Earlier when I spoke with Coach Locksley and he said, "It is part of the natural progression of coaching."

 Coach Wells while not discussing actual numbers did say, "Locks fought real hard to keep me. He offered me a raise and a title. He made it a really hard decision and I appreciate that."

 Wells went on to say it is hard to leave at this time because, "I'm leaving two guys that are going to be in the NFL and possibly a third, and this team is close to turning it all around."

 I did ask how close he felt UNM is to turning it around? "Real close, they talent that we (yeah he used we) at the midterm is as good if not better than talent that has ever been brought in here." Wells should know he was the recruiting coordinator under Rocky Long a few years back.

 "All that is needed is chemistry," said Wells. "I've never seen or been part of a team that went through four quarterbacks in one year. It made it very difficult on receivers, blocking schemes, and just the offense in general. We went one week from throwing the ball 40-50 times to 15, each guy has their own distinct delivery, cadence, and the way they play quarterback."

Coach Wells did have something to say to you Red Menace. "Thanks for all your guys for all you do. Players and recruits know about your website and New Mexico through your website. You made my job easier."

Thanks Coach and good luck at Utah State.



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