Eye on Recruiting: Change of Heart

One day you are a Bronco. The next day you're a Lobo! Donnie Duncan makes some changes

Coach Mike Locksley is looking for safeties and offensive linemen this recruiting class. It is a blue collar recruiting class if you will. One of the players the Lobos were looking at to play safety was Los Angeles Safety Donnie Duncan. Duncan a one time signee with the Colorado Buffaloes ended up not playing for the Buffs and was being looked at by New Mexico State, Boise State, and the University of New Mexico. Duncan was also being looked at by the likes of Washington, USC, and the Arizona schools. All of them wanted Duncan to play safety, but Donnie had other things in mind. I contacted Donnie last week after finding out he had committed to Boise St. and twenty four hours later contacted the Broncos to tell them he changed his mind and was going to be a Lobo. "I called them, and just said it was a decision I had to make." Boise St. has become the darlings of all non-AQ fans around the country, so why leave them hanging and come to New Mexico? "My heart is at receiver," said Duncan. "All these other teams wanted me to play safety, but New Mexico said they would let me play wide receiver so I made the change." I did ask Duncan if he would play any other position other than WR and he Duncan responded, "I like to return punts and kicks as well." One thing about UNM's staff that this writer has noticed is that if they are recruiting a young man as a WR he gets the opportunity to play wide receiver. They don't force a player to make a change unless that player chooses to. "Coach Blackshear and Locksley were the coaches that were recruiting me the hardest," said Duncan. "They are really cool and made me feel so comfortable when I went out there." Still, like I said Boise is the darlings of non-AQ's while New Mexico's record was not very good, so did last year's record affect his decision to switch from the Broncos to New Mexico? "No," said Duncan. "They (UNM) said I could play receiver, and after visiting I can see that change is coming out there. We are going to turn things around out there." Donnie will be able to participate in Spring football this year and he is pretty excited in getting to work, "I have to work on getting in and out of my routes quicker, and learning their plays."

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