Eye On Recruiting: Anthony Messina

TheRedMenace.com learned earlier tonight via big brother Carmen that Anthony Messina has given a verbal commitment to UNM.

Always tough to follow in a legend's footsteps when it comes to athletics, some would say it is even tougher when that legend is your brother! Well today that is exactly what Lobo fans learned today as 6-1 215 LB/RB Anthony Messina (Addison Trail HS, Addison IL) gave his verbal commitment to play for the University of New Mexico.

Messina? Where have Lobos heard that name before?

 Well unless you are living under a rock you know that Anthony's big brother is none other than Carmen Messina. Who for the past 3 years has been a tackling machine for the Lobo football team. A lesser man would be nervous about the standards his big brother set not Anthony "My brother was the biggest influence in my decision to come to UNM," says Messina.

 Anthony Messina is a 6-1 215lbs RB/LB, three year starter on varsity team including being named offensive player of the year at Addison. Messina was also named all -Conference the past two years. Anthony Messina brings it and if you don't believe me, check out what big bro Carmen had to say via twitter.

 Anthony Messina gave a verbal commitment today to the University of New Mexico. They just got a better athlete then me, a smarter player then me, & a player who loves the game just as much if not more than me. Lobo blood runs deep. –Carmen Messina

 New Mexico is like a second home for the Messina family." I have been coming to camps since my freshmen year," says Messina. "For four year I have really liked the camps and everything about New Mexico,"

 With a new coaching staff coming in after this season is through, a season that thus far has not seen the Lobos in the winner's circle most high school seniors might just shy away from UNM,  but that is the furthest thing from Anthony mind and this current season or the past couple had no affect on Anthony's decision., "I really want to go there (New Mexico), it does not affect me at all."  Messina just wants to put on the cherry and sliver to represent his family and his future Lobo family.

 Messina plays both linebacker and running back so when asked where he sees himself as a D-I player. "I want to do whatever I can  to make the team better." This is the kind of talk and leadership ability that should have Lobo fans excited. "I want to come in and start winning and play wherever I can on the field to do that."

Lobo fans have loved watching Carmen run all over the field, to have another Messina on the field should put a smile on every Lobo fans face!

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