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The Eye on Recruiting usually looks on Lobo recruits! Today "The Eye" focuses in at the Tow Diehm facility as Lobo Football Coach Bob Davie introduces his staff.

Today was the next step of "Culture Change" at the University of New Mexico as head coach Bob Davie introduced his new staff of assistant coaches. Rather than list them all, and their accomplishments, here is audio of Coach Davie introducing each one of this coaches…

Coach Bob Davie introduces his staff

 After Coach Davie addressed the media I had a few questions for him that he answered. At this point he has not decided who will be named as the "recruiting coordinator" as the entire staff has just been busting it on the recruiting trail including Coach Davie.

 "At one point it was myself, Coach Hutzler, Coach Lenzmeier, and Eric Sanchez (we all know him as E-Sancho on The Red Menace) handling the entire recruiting situation, and I was interviewing coaches as well as recruiting."

I did ask Coach since he had been away since his last job how much recruiting has changed. "It really hasn't," replied Coach Davie. "It is still all about relationships and building those relationships. You can look at film, but there is nothing like getting out and talking to these guys and finding out what they can do for you."

Coach Davie went on to say. "Usually an assistant coach would be waiting for me when I get in to town and he would take me to the recruits school or parents home and we could visit there, but since there was only four of us in the office, I couldn't use the time of assistants to do that, so I had to fly out, rent the car, find where they live, make the contact, and visit. Took me back to my days as an assistant. I loved every minute of it!"

 After talking with Coach Davie I spoke with some of the Lobos new assistant coaches.


Offensive Coordinator Bob Debesse


Defensive Coordinator Ron West


Hitmen Coach Jason "The Lenz" Lenzmeier



I wish I had time to speak to all of the coaches and as the recruiting season winds up, spring/summer recruiting commences, and spring football gets started we will get more opportunities to speak with all of the Lobo coaches!


I also had a chance to speak with Coach Derek Warehime as he talked about coming out here with Sam Houston State last season, and how much he enjoyed The Red Menace and looked forward to seeing us in action!

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