Spring 2012

After months of being in his office Coach Bob Davie finally gets to put his University of New Mexico football team on the practice field as Spring Practice starts on Saturday at 10:00 AM.

Today Coach Davie called the Lobo media together today to talk about the upcoming spring session and address some of the burning questions we may have.

The biggest concern with this program is bodies. The Lobo football team currently has 56 scholarship athletes on the roster at this point with 25 coming in the fall, with that small amount of player the annual Cherry Silver game will not be played. "There is no possible way to play a spring game," says Davie. "I look forward to it, players look forward to it but we just can't this year."

In the future Coach Davie said he would like to open up the entire spring session but this year fans and media will have a thirty minute window to start practice that fans and media folks can come and view practice.

Coach Davie also has a selfish reason as to why practice is closed this year. "I want to be the first to see what I have before everyone else," said Davie. So if you plan on visiting after thirty minutes look for Lobo football SID Greg Archuleta to be chasing you out with a cattle prod.

Coach did say that while there wont' be a Spring game he is looking at allowing a day for Lobo fans to come out and watch the football team scrimmage, "I want to see how players and coaches react before I open it up to everyone," said Davie.

Coach Davie since being hired has been very blunt with the situation the Lobo football program is in, and the fact that culture surrounding Lobo football has to change, he did mention this afternoon that there are things that this team and coaching staff can control right now to make changes some things just take time.

"This program didn't get in this situation overnight and it isn't going to be fixed overnight," says Davie. "We have to look and see what we can change right now as players and as coaches and those things we have no excuse to not change and get better at."

One of those changes is getting physical and running the football. "We will see option as we are going to get physical," said Davie. "Running the football takes teamwork and getting physical. We will be a team that runs the ball and a team that runs some option."

According to 5th year seniors BR Holbrook and Joe Stoner that is exactly what is going on as the Lobos are doing work and putting in the time and effort to get better, but what about the things that you can't control coach?

"There are some things that only through time and recruiting will be solved, we have some glaring situations that have to be resolved. There are things on our roster that are going to take time to solve, so let's not get negative or panic because of those things," says Davie. "We all want it to happen today but it isn't going to happen today it is going to take time so lets be smart and identify those things." Coach Davie went on to say that there are enough of those things that we can control right now that we can be successful.

One of the other culture changes that have to be made is fan support. Coach Davie spent plenty of today's presser congratulating Lobo basketball coach Steve Alford and his teams MW tourney championship and NCAA tourney run, Coach Davie mentioned how impressed he was with the fans that took over the Thomas and Mack Arena in Las Vegas and how Lobo fans really made a difference. Obviously Coach Davie's biggest hope is that the hoops fan support can somehow crossover to the football stadium.

Here is the entire audio presser with Coach Davie.



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