Up Tempo

The University of New Mexico with Bob Davie on the helm opened up the 2012 Spring Practice season today and the word of the day was "Run" and "Up Tempo"

The day Bob Davie was hired he talked about discipline. That is what he wanted to see from day one and that is what we have heard through various sources including Davie himself that he and the staff have worked with players on discipline both on the field and off.

Coach Bob Davie comes out of the Tow onto the practice field

The first day of spring had players and coaches moving… And when one offensive lineman slowed down just a little bit… Well Coach Bob DeBesse got on him saying, "I'm going to give you one day of grace, today." While we were there the guy didn't slow down again.

Dustin Walton
Cole Gautsche
David Vega


Obviously new coaches, new systems the terminology as the way things are done on the practice field, today there seemed to be a no nonsense way of doing things. It is time to get down to business and to do it Bob Davie style.


I asked quarterback BR Holbrook on Thursday how hard it was to have a new coach and coordinator once again and if his experience was not worth as much. He responded with saying certain aspects of football never change, but that he had to "take some of the good" from the previous regimes and "lose some of the other things."


So it wasn't a shock today when a wide receiver did a little free styling during some drills Coach Taylor Stubblefield asked him, "Why did you do that? Who told you to do that?" The receiver responded with "I thought…" Now, who here knows that is a bad answer? Because the next response was Stubblefield was something to the affect of don't think, just do what you're told and how to do it.
Jamal Merritt


We shot some photos and then very quickly Lobo football SID Greg Archuleta said time to go, our half hour was up. I tried using the Bob DeBesse line of "can't we have a day of grace?" Needless today we started moving…

Dallas Bollema


WOW, what is blotting out the sun? Why it is former Lobo Calvin Allen aka "The Eclipse" who was making his way down to check out some practice. Allen still looks like he knock some people around, but times have passed and his son also called Calvin Allen is being recruited and has been offered by UNM. We didn't see the younger Allen, but "The Eclipse" while not yet giving a commitment did say his son is very much interested in UNM.

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