Lobo "Peeps" Speak

Lobo spring practice is closed this year, but we still want to give you some second hand information.

Lobo football is starting their 2nd week of spring practice and it is starting out in pads. Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to stay the entire practice so I spent some time today talking to some of our "Peeps" within the program that told me some thing that are pretty exciting…

Lobo Defense Doing Work

 Some of the bigger questions are always the QB position and from what I have heard BR Holbrook has really stepped up and hitting his throws well, I asked about Cole Gautsche and the word is that he has a nice ball, as does Walton, which shouldn't surprise anyone. As far as David Vega the "peeps" are saying, David Vega's game is not just the throws, which are okay, but that he can use his legs to create plays… At this point he hasn't seen enough in what the Lobos have done in practice to see the legs of Vega in action as of yet, hopefully this week will see more Vega footwork.

The Lobos are still deep at wide receiver and not only deep but with talent and experience. Flash and Ty Kirk lead along with Donnie Duncan, and the phenom Daniel Adams. Lucas Reed has been struggling with injury this spring so spends a lot of time attacking that tire.

One of the big surprises coming out of camp is RS-Frosh Jhurrel Pressley according to The Peeps; Pressley has had a solid spring this far and could earn playing time along with Kasey Carrier and Demarcus Rogers.


One of the thinnest positions if O-line and they suffered another depth setback as today it was announced Zach Boerboom has left the team.

 Tevin Newman

Defense is a little trickier as they only started putting on pads the last two days, with today being the first scrimmage of the spring session. Some early standouts are LB Tevin Newman, Jacori Greer, and Dallas Bollema.

Jacori Greer


UNM is suffering a little bit as they have moved from a 2 linebacker set to a 3… Which has prompted the move of AJ Butler to the linebacker position.
AJ Butler


Wish I had more for you all, and I will be in touch with The Peeps as much as possible as well as anytime I can sneak a peak or two.

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