Loving 'em Up?

The days of "loving 'em up" look to be over. We take a look at Coach Lenz

In 2009 we were introduced to a new term regarding Lobo football. The term was "love them up."

 The Lobos would have a weak practice:
"We are going to get back in there and love them up."

 Player would drop a ball, fumble, not make a tackle or miss a block:
"We are going to get back in there and love them up."

 There would be some problem with school or off the field activity:
"We are going to get back in there and love them up."

 Ultimately there was too much love and not enough victories, discipline, or hard work and the Lobo football suffered through some pretty brutal seasons.

 The first thing evident in this year's spring session is importance of discipline and hard work. Coach Davie and his staff preach enjoying this moment in time, this spring, and the game of football. While you're enjoying it though let's put in some work! Dedicate yourselves to being great football players, to working hard, to being disciplined, and to push yourselves past where you think your breaking point is.

Korian Chambers and Jamal Price

 That is exactly what happened when I caught up with Coach Jason Lenzmeier and the offensive line. As they were working out Coach Davie ran up and said to the team, "boys time to put in some work, all I can say is Daddy needs to buy baby some new shoes." (For those that haven't heard Coach Lenz isn't just a Boss he is also a daddy as his wife gave birth to a new Lenz.)

 Not sure if it was the pep talk by Davie, the Lobos in full pads, or staying up late with the new baby but Lenz was on it today. He was squeezing every single bit of energy and talent out of his offensive linemen.

 For those of you that don't know it Coach Jason Lenzmeier is a former Lobo football player and when the previous staff took over, was let go. When Davie took over, TheRedMenace.com was one of the first to be screaming Bring Back The Lenz! Lenzmeier played for Rocky Long and Bob Bostad so he knows from personal experience what it was like to play for a coach that demanded excellence and wouldn't settle for half baked effort or laziness. Lenzmeier was also a leader on the field and as a leader wouldn't allow the younger guys to screw around, that is exactly what Lenz is demanding from the next generation of Lobo football players.

As Coach Lenz was in the face and all over one of these young men and could be heard coaching and demanding excellence! "Do you want to be here?" asked Lenzmeier "Because if you don't want to be here, I don't want you here!" This is during PAT blocking drills. "Boys, I'll tell you right now, I have never worked so hard on PAT's and field goals, so let's get it right," exclaimed Lenz. "Put your foot here, look at you, do you want to snap your knee on a stinking' field goal attempt?"


The days of loving them up are officially over!


Time was running out but Lenz moved up to the rack and here goes blocking drills and Lenz started going off, as the effort wasn't there. I mentioned the one lineman that just kept getting called out. It didn't slow down when they were on the rack and Lenz went off again, "Losing and laziness are contagious! If I let (and I'm not going to embarrass the guy by naming him) not do it right than the rest of you think we can't do it right! Then none will do it right and we won't win games," shouted Lenz. Whistle blows and it is time for up and downs to help guys "refocus" after many half-hearted attempts. While the up and downs started to take the toll on many a 300+ body it was the verbal lashing that I think changed the attitudes of the player. I'm going to skip most of the language but use your imagination.

Up and Down boys! Up and Down!

Do you know how much time we are wasting our time how wrong is this that we are doing this stupid stuff," All you have to do is get it right! Do it right! Do what you are told," screamed Lenzmeier. Dude was a mad man.

Dillon Romaine

"This is the time we separate the winners from the losers and I'm not going to be associated with losers." "The first 3 practices are easy, but we have this one and the next and the next! I am not going to be a loser!"
Bryan Oldenkamp

 Then it was questioning the players about leadership. "Who is going to step up be a man and lead this group, who wants to be a leader? Can you do it?" asked the coach. And I paraphrase here… Do you have the guts...errrrrrr...to do it?

 After these guys were gassed, shoot I was tired watching them there was somewhat of a new intensity and some of the upperclassmen were trying to help the younger guys, but the one linemen just didn't seem to get it or want to get it and where he may have been looking for someone to Love ‘em up… He and his teammates found out that those days are over as Lenz asked the question once again, "Do you really want to be here because if you don't, get out of here! I won't miss you." The player in question did walk off the field… At this point not sure of his status with the team, but Lenz went right on coaching his butt off, and the players that remained learned…

Darryl Johnson

Lobo football is no longer for the weak of heart. It is no longer for those that need to be loved up. There will be demands placed on these players to push themselves, they will be asked to give it their all and then some! To quote Coach Davie…

It's a good day to be a Lobo!

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