Coach Bob Davie opened up a practice and we took advantage

It was good getting out and get to see the fellas that have been putting in work this morning, while roster moves weren't made it was just nice to hear the popping of some pads, and a little bit of excitement coming out of University Stadium.

Kevin Jo Atkins and Calvin McDowney

The place was buzzing as there were quite a few local high school football coaches for a clinic as well as a couple hundred kids for the Lobo football Youth Experience, but also in attendance were incoming freshman Josh Baggett, and Rashad and Vershad Jackson.
Rashad and Vershad Jackson


I had a moment to speak to Big Baggett and there was some big time excitement. "We were told to come in ready to go, there isn't going to be a red shirt because of the lack of depth." So it was great seeing Josh out there as he has most of spring just checking out all that is going on with Coach Lenz and the Hitmen.


Also in attendance taking an unofficial visit was QB Jacob Burtch of Seminole TX

( spoke with Burtch via telephone after he toured the University of New Mexico we will have that article early this week.)


The most physical came in the south end zone as the offensive and defensive lines went at it both one on ones followed by two on ones…
Korian Chambers... Got Syrup?

94 Kevin Jo Atkins and Calvin McDowney


I was extremely impressed with the abilities of our senior defensive linemen. Ugo Uzodinma, Reggie Ellis, Rod Davis, Fatu Ulale,  Joe Harris (though he is actually listed as a outside LB) with Ellis, Ugo, and Davis really setting the tone today. When two on ones went down (2 O-linemen vs. 1 D-linemen) it was obvious that Ugo and Ellis brought their hard hats… One thing that was amazing was seeing the size of Ugo Uzodinma that dude has some guns, but it was Ellis tossing people around, splitting the opposition and getting at the QB during this drill and also during the scrimmage.

During the scrimmage I was impressed with the running ability of both BR Holbrook and Dustin Walton, while neither young men at this point would be compared to Tim Tebow, I could see where they were making the right reads on whether to pitch the ball or pull it down and make plays. I had BR with multiple nice yardage gain runs and Dustin Walton had a play where he was shaking those hips eluding defenders.

I thought the Lobo tandem of Kasey Carrier and Jhurrell Pressley really stood up today, whether running off tackle or catching swing passes, both these running backs are geared for this offense, I'm sure Coach Davie wants to see more players be able to pound it up the middle, but it looks like Carrier is running with that swagger once again and Pressley had a running play right up the gut that should go for six.


The wind was nasty but Ty Kirk showed that he plans on making this senior year count, multiple receptions for Ty and a Lamaar "Flash" Thomas showed that burst of speed taking a very short passes and exploding down the middle of the field.

There is no doubt that offense is ahead of the defense at this point, but don't think for a second that the defense isn't holding it down.


The trio of Ellis, Davis, and Uzodinma combined for some disruptive play including a pair of tackles for losses, and one maybe multiple sacks.


AJ Butler looked good filling holes from the LB position. Butler had a knack for the ball carrier today and made a couple of nice plays.

Destry Berry came off the corner on a blitz that would have smeared any QB except for those currently wearing the black shirt.


Daniel Adams caught a nice pass, shrugged off his defender and was taking it to the house when Freddy Young came up and just lit him up!


While I in no way think this scrimmage will dictate depth charts it was nice to see some hitting, discipline, and a football program that is rising from the ashes (cliché alert! Cliché alert!)


Offensive player of Practice

 QB BR Holbrook

There were a lot of guys to choose for this award, but really BR seemed to make solid reads in the run game. Passing was a little tough due to the winds, but Holbrook made some passes to Kirk and Flash


Defensive Player of Practice

 DL Reggie Ellis

Ellis during one on ones or two on ones was a filthy beast! Seriously, in one situation he blew through two offensive linemen and one got up said, "Lets do it again! I want him again!" Ellis not only stood his ground but split them again. During the scrimmage Ellis along with Ugo and Davis were forces in the interior of the line.

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