Eye On Recruiting: Jacob Burtch

Seminole HS QB Jacob Burtch visited UNM as he goes around the region looking for a college home.

Recruiting never stops and this past weekend 6-0 185 quarterback Jacob Burtch stopped in on an unofficial visit to see how Coach Bob Davie is doing things at New Mexico.

"They showed interest in me so I definitely was going to come out here to see and get to know them, and the facilities of the football team," said Burtch. "I've heard good things about this university and the coaching staff. They just brought in Coach Davie whom I have heard great things about and Coach DeBess as well. They said it has been a rough couple of years here but I have no doubt that the coaching staff is going to turn that around."

Jacob Burtch plays for Seminole HS in Seminole TX and says "Coach Cosgrove is the coach that handles my area and Coach DeBess is the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. Those are the two that I have been in contact with the most throughout this process. My goal is to play college football so we came out."

When I first texted Jacob he told me he was on his campus tour and would call me later, after receiving his call, you could hear in his voice he enjoyed his visit, "My visit has been great," says Burtch. "I just got back from visiting the campus today and they offer a major I want to study. I got to see the new dorms they are building, the Lobo Village they built last year, and the indoor facility is great. I would rank New Mexico right up with other schools that I have visited."

As far as the other school Burtch has visited. "New Mexico, North Texas, Houston, and Kansas so far," says Burtch. "I don't have any offers at this point but North Texas, Rice, and Air Force have shown the most interest and I plan on visiting them as well.

Burtch stated his goal is to play college football and his plans this summer are to attend as many spring practices and camps in the area that he can including New Mexico's camp. "I plan on coming back to New Mexico for their camp as soon as I get the dates." Of course that all changes if he receives an offer.  "If someone offers, their camp becomes a priority and I will change my plans at that point"

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