Goodnight Dustin

Anyone remember the TV show The Waltons? After after every show they would say good night to one another. Well tonight TRM says good night to our favorite Walton.

It was in June of 2009 when I first spotted Dustin Walton then of Raton High School during one of New Mexico's football camps. Walton a tall 6-4 quarterback with a heck of an arm that was out getting his first exposure at the D-I level…  While Walton could wing the ball, it was obvious he wasn't a running spread option type QB, at that time even Walton wasn't sure he would fit in at UNM with the offense they were running.


In 2010 Walton was once again at New Mexico's football camp but this time other schools were taking notice as the big QB had spent some time doing the camp circuit and collegiate coaches were taking notice. His arm was stronger, he was a more complete QB and even though he wasn't the prototypical option QB then coach Mike Locksley offered Walton who accepted and signed with New Mexico.

We all know the story of Locksley being fired and replaced with former Notre Dame Coach Bob Davie and with Davie came Bob DeBesse and his option oriented offense and this morning Walton said, "I walked in and let it be known that I was going to transfer. Coach Davie said he understood, and asked that I finish spring ball," said Walton (UNM has two more practices this upcoming week.) "After that I'm supposed to speak with Paul Krebs about where I would like to go."


I asked Walton what made you come to this decision? "Well I actually started thinking about it this winter, but my parents and I decided that I should go through spring ball and see where I could fit in, "says Walton. "This past week my reps have declined steadily and I made the decision that I had to go in a different direction."


"I don't have any hard feelings at all," says Walton. "It (college football) is a business and New Mexico is moving in a different direction than my skill set, they need to do things that are best for them, and I have to do things that are best for me, but I will still be cheering for these guys, and I am still a native New Mexican so the Lobos do hold a place for me."

"I'm hoping to go to school somewhere in Colorado," said Walton. "When CSU coach Jim McElwain was at Alabama they had me out there and were really looking at me so I have a connection with him."

Well, since you are leaving what is your take on the quarterback situation at New Mexico? "BR is doing really well," says Walton. "I'm really impressed with Cole (Gautsche) he can run this offense really well, and can really run the ball. I can't really say much about Vega as many team reps."

Cole Gautsche

With that I gave Dustin and his entire family our thanks for not only being a Lobo, but for being hardcore Red Menace people as the entire Walton family came off their mountain and participated in tailgate parties, fun, and frivolity. The entire Walton clan will definitely be missed.

 "I want to thank all you guys for the support, you all have always been there and I appreciate it," finished Walton.

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