#realtalk with Coach Davie

Coach Bob Davie doesn't pull any punches nor does he sugar coat or try to pull the wool over your eyes. Coach Davie is all about #realtalk

Around here lately we have been talking about Old School and taking sports talk radio back to the Old School… Today at Lobo football camp I had a chance to stand around and talk with Coach Bob Davie and I have to say if anyone is an Old School guy… It is Coach Bob Davie.

 I spoke with coach at camp today, and rather than pull out the record and turn into an interview, it was just two guys talking football so I'm paraphrasing a lot of this except where you see quotation marks and there it is exactly what coach said…  So here it is #realtalk

"The only thing that has changed in recruiting is these one day camps," I asked Coach what had changed with camps and recruiting since he last was a part of it at Notre Dame. Coach Davie said that is the biggest difference as kids are going to 8 to 9 camps all the time where before it was only one or two.

"The camps like this are important. We have over 550 kids attend this year, maybe more, but I would like next year and future years to have 1000 kids attending," said Davie. I asked coach if it was a recruiting tool? "This is Lobo football look at all these guys out here using our facilities, learning about our coaching staff, and what being a Lobo is all about, and it is more important than finding players that we put on scholarship."

I asked him so this is kind of like recruiting fans? Exactly said Coach Davie, we all know not all of these guys will be D-I players but we want them to have pride in UNM and that they grow up to be Lobo fans.  Next year when we have the field turf we will bring kids in there to play on the turf and if things work out with that turf we can have Friday night games there as well (high school games)

Current state of The Red Menace Zone at University Stadium

"It is all about branding the New Mexico name. We want these kids, their parents, and everyone to know we aren't just building this program up to say look at me, look at me! It is letting everyone know we are building for the long haul."

"The other difference is the Youtube highlight videos"  When I was at Notre Dame if we got film on a kid we would have to watch the entire thirty minute to one hour of film to evaluate him, now a player can put together a 15 play highlight vide with music and that is what we are supposed to evaluate them on. We don't even know if they are starter, how good they really are, except for those 15 plays. I would rather see how the player makes mistakes to see if we can correct them, also how they react when they make mistakes.

(I told Coach Davie a story Rocky told me when he recruited Nick Speegle. Rocky Long told me they were looking at the video of another TE at La Cueva who was a hot prospect at the time, and after watching the video tape for awhile Rocky wanted the TE from La Cueva, but that TE's name was Nick Speegle not the hotshot prospect.)

"Excellent point," said Coach Davie. Those are some of the smaller things we are missing out on with these new highlight videos.

 So I asked coach what he thought about this camp and his campers. (paraphrasing here) We as a staff were pleasantly surprised with how competitive things were, not that there isn't talent, but these guys as a whole have shown me a lot this weekend. We as a staff also like how well they listen and want to do what is asked for them, and the lack of trash talk or problems, with this many guys for the sportsmanship that is displayed I'm like I said very pleased.

Rio Rancho HS wins the 7 on 7 tourney

Coach went on to say something close to what Rocky used to say about "manufacturing players." But Coach Davie said it this way: Coach Davie said we aren't going to get many blue chippers here, but what we can do is use the talent and desire to work hard from these kids, get them in the weight room, get them to some coaching and make them into D-I players...

Many of these guys are going to use the lottery scholarship and may walk-on and what I have seen this weekend we would love to have them. We aren't taking walk-ons for granted as we need them and all success we have they share in earning it.
Coach Davie and Coach DeBesse check out Sandia and Rio Rancho

 I did ask Coach Davie about this upcoming season and once again #realtalk

Our biggest problem is lack of numbers, we have tried to fill some in with walk-ons and might get some more if we can though that pool is kind of exhausted at this point so we are working real hard right now to figure out how we as a staff can manage our players through the season.

We are going to try and slow down the game to keep our guys as fresh as possible, we are going to be physical but we can't be reckless.

We are going to have to work hard but I don't want the players or fans to think it is impossible we have 13 straight games and will be adjusting certain things to help the players but no way do we want them to think it is impossible.

But the lack of numbers changes things, how we practice. With 7 O-linemen we can't put together a scout team at practice so we have to work on getting our D-line quality reps…

We also have to work on keeping the players rested but still having an edge, we aren't going to slow down the physical aspects of practice but we do have to really work on managing the entire season. It is tough because I've never had to deal with something like this but we will get it done and it is exciting.

#realtalk on recruiting

It is going well, what is interesting is I didn't realize how much more kids and their parents recognize me from ABC and ESPN than they do from being a head coach. We have all 9 coaches hitting Texas, as there are a lot of players there. Also, building connections here locally…

Coach Davie last year rocking the mic

I told Coach Davie I see a lot of kids in California and many of the JUCO level mentioning being recruited or offered by UNM, is something you are changing from when you first came here and said that you weren't going to recruit many JUCO players.

I'm used to the JUCO's in the Midwest where they take a lot of non-qualifiers and while they aren't bad guys you only get them for 2 years and there is a different mindset then say the California JUCO system where a lot of qualifiers go because they may not have received the D-I offers they were hoping for. So they are good to great students who take a year or two to hopefully get more D-I offers. I really like that system.

With JUCO's and transfers you have to be careful, you don't want a guy that maybe had an offer to a big school, doesn't qualify goes 2 years to a JUCO and is bitter or feels he is better than his teammates and doesn't work as hard. Same thing with transfers, you don't just take guys, really have to see what the reasons were and make sure they are good people, good students and not just good players.

Coach Davie has a plan, a solid plan and while fans may not see it, he is moving this Lobo football program forward. He isn't doing it with shock and awe and all these bells and whistles… He is doing it methodically with hard work, discipline, and desire. He is working to make this thing run for the long haul not just so in three years he can go get a better job. Coach Davie talked about loyalty he also talked about holding himself and his staff accountable. "I can't ask these players do things the right way, or ask my assistant coaches to do things the right way, if I don't do things the right way."

That's Bob Davie and that's Old School

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