One Door Closes... Another Opens!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

First I want to thank Henry Tafoya and KDEF 1150 AM for once again giving Red Menace Radio a voice... In the media world you either are on the mic or you're not, and we were off quite awhile...

As many of you know, Red Menace Radio went off the air on Thursday Sept. 20th. One of the reasons is that they are undergoing a format change, though that isn't the only reason as Henry assured us that we could still broadcast our show if we were interested.

Alas, we had another opportunity that we could not pass up and made the decision to resign at KDEF...

Quick story, while at KDEF we were constantly looking for someone to stream our show as let's face it, like newspapers, stand alone radio is a thing of the past... So with that in mind I got in contact with a friend of mine (JD Healy) to try and get some information on streaming. If you don't know, JD is the CEO of here in Albuquerque.

JD Healy at a Proview Networks production.

Proview Networks has streamed thousands of NMAA sports including football, boys and girl's basketball, soccer, and a host of other sports. They also have done some YAFL games, and are now streaming the University of New Mexico's Volleyball games. They will be streaming this year's homecoming game as the Lobos will be taking on Texas State on October 6th, and starting this year, they are the television and streaming home to Ray Birmingham's Lobo baseball team.

Proview Networks doesn't just stream as they are also broadcast by uabq Comcast 27. According to Healy as an internet site they don't rely on Neilsen Ratings but instead track their hits and downloads via Google Analytics thus receiving a truer count of who is watching and downloading and the number is upwards of a million unique visitors. Yes, Proview Networks has a pioneer spirit and it working!

There is another group of pioneers in this story and that is The Red Menace. Twenty years ago we were part of one of the first five 24 hours all sports stations in the country. This new format in radio we were told would never work. It was destined to fail. Look at sports talk radio today and its revenue across the country in the billions.

As they were part of that, The Red Menace parlayed their media careers into building up the North End Zone section of UNM's football stadium and building tradition before where there wasn't any.

Alongside that time we started a website. How old was this? Dial-up connection was the rage and how it was built and all along we were told it wouldn't work. At that time it took five minutes to load a picture and at nobody was dreaming of streaming...

Well that has all changed now as one door closes another opens, so as we close down a version of radio is excited to announce that we will be taking our brand of craziness and zaniness to the television and Internet streamed airwaves starting Friday September 28, 2012.

At this time we are brainstorming on what kind of TV show we are going to do and all thoughts and ideas are welcomed as this website and our radio show were community oriented so to will this television show!

The greatest part of this is that since it is streamed we can do it live with your phone calls from all around the world! The shows will also be archived so if you miss one you can go back at a later date and watch...

But we need YOUR HELP! If you are interested in being part of this production whether it is graphics, content, on air (yes we will be doing roundtable), videocasting, podcasting, calling, putting together video montages, or you just have a great idea that you want to see if we can pull of...
Please contact The Red Menace at

So get ready world! The big uglies are marching into the future once again!

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