Eye On Recruiting: A Kicker?

The City of Vision is blessed with many very good football players, today we look at one that is usually overlooked. Kicker Carlos Garcia

For two years the Eye of Recruiting has looked at Rio Rancho High School's Carlos Garcia and finally after last night's Rio Rancho High School game over Cibola High School I had a chance to speak to a special weapon that RRHS has.

Most football fans or recruiting sites don't usually do a lot about kickers, and unless your Dom Zarrella we rarely think about kickers, unless it is missing that game winning or tie field goal. Sorry that is the position you play and while you are important you just don't get much praise or publicity…

But there is something different about this Garcia kid I noticed last year and continue to see this year the guy has a cannon for a leg, he is truly a weapon. "My longest so far is 55 yards," said Garcia after we spoke with him last night. What makes Garcia solid is not only is the length of kicks, but his consistency.

Carlos Garcia sets up for a 52 yard field goal

In speaking with one of the Rio Rancho coaches last night they have no problem sending Garcia out for any range of field goal because of his strength and accuracy and no matter the circumstances. "I try not to think about pressure situations, " said Garcia, "I just kick the ball the same way no matter the situation."

Another thing that is noticeable with Garcia is his ability to get touchbacks for his team as the majority of his kickoffs end up in the end zone with no runback. We asked Garcia about his leg strength, and the man of few words said, "Not really sure, it is not that hard to be a kicker."

Maybe for some Carlos, maybe for some, but if you caught The Eye of The Red Menace as a kicker you are doing something special.

Garcia is a senior and is also working on his punting skills as he told us that he only punts part time and being a kicker you don't get much attention from media types, he also hasn't received much attention from any colleges either. "I have not received any contract from any colleges at this point," said Garcia who does aspire to take his career to the next level.

"I would love to continue my career as a kicker," says Garcia. "Right now I'm looking at New Mexico and New Mexico State."

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