2013 Fan Appreciation Award

No matter what the rest of the stadium was doing, we knew we had the support of you guys in the North End Zone. -Dillon Farrell

For 13 straight years The Red Menace Lobo football fan group has chosen a senior to be our Fan Appreciation Award winner. This senior doesn't have to be the superstar, he may not even make it onto the field on a regular basis, but he is a young man that enjoys fan interaction and makes the fans feel like they are part of the team.

The inaugural TRM Fan Appreciation Award winner was DB Scott Gerhardt. Scott was the first Lobo football player to perform "The Lobo Leap"! After each victory members of the Lobo football team dash to The Red Menace and jump in for a celebration of a Lobo victory!

Gerhardt exemplified exactly what we wanted out of our "Fan Appreciation Award" winner and through the years the following young men have displayed those same sort attributes which will forever endear them to the fans of The Red Menace

2001 Scott Gerhardt
2002 Brandon Gregory
2003 Billy Strother
2004 Kyle Coulter
2005  Hank Baskett III
2006 Curtis Pino
2007 Marcus Smith and Travis Brown
2008 DeAndre Wright
2009 Erik Cook and Joshua Taufalele
2010 Josh Fussell
2011 Anthony Hooks
2012 Joe Stoner

The 2013 Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award winner is C Dillon Farrell

From baby faced frosh from Louisiana to Duck Dynasty bearded senior Dillon always made a point of involving the fans including his final home game after a loss to Utah St. Dillon came jogging up to The Red Menace to just thank the fans for being here his entire Lobo football career... As Dillon ran off the field of hearing his name chanted Dillon! Dillon! Dillon!

Dillon visited TRM Sports Television to talk about his career as a Lobo as well as being awarded our award.
If you missed the show live you can still watch it for free On Demand just follow the link below

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