Hate To Start The Season Like This

Unfortunately with an exciting season about to kick off Coach Bob Davie has to start with some negatives.

It isn't the way that Bob Davie wanted to start his preseason press conference regarding the upcoming season, but like a true pro he went forward telling the Albuquerque media that senior OL Jamal Price had been arrested the night before and would start the season off under suspension.

Jamal Price


Davie didn't tell the media why Price was arrested (Later that day it was reported that Price and a friend had broken into his ex girlfriends home.) but combined with this summers alleged rape case and suspensions of RB Crusoe Gongbay and CB SaQuan Edwards left UNM minus three senior starters at their respective positions and leaving Davie having to deliver some "embarrassing" news and taking responsibility for the actions of others.

"The buck stops here," said Davie. As head of the program Davie showed no hesitation in taking responsibility for the players actions, but also saying that as a coaching staff and team they really work on team building, holding one another accountable, and how to make the proper decisions before it gets to the point where a poor decision is made.

Eventually the talk rolled around to football. While UNM who was picked last week to finish 5th in the MWC Mountain Division there is still an air of excitement as for the first time in 6 years UNM has a full roster and there are some players that can compete. There is some depth at New Mexico under Bob Davie and these players have some talent and plan on making some noise.

"I wouldn't trade him for any quarterback in the country," said Coach Davie about Cole Gautsche. "He is the best at doing what we do." And that is running the pistol triple option. Gautsche has been a beast no doubt about it, and today he and Davie mentioned that they are working on ways to not put Cole in positions of being hurt. What that means we aren't sure as Cole said himself he has played the same way his whole career, trying to not expose his head to shots needs is very important.

"I wouldn't trade him for any quarterback in the country, said, Davie...He is the best at doing what we do."


Of the team depth Coach Davie was ecstatic going through the roster of the Defensive line as going into fall practice the starters are Nik D'Avanzo, Brett Bowers, and Dominic Twitty. Davie also mentioned the rotation that UNM now has as the players behind the 3 starters are very talented and looking to play! 

One point of concern for the Lobo football team this year is the depth at running back. Coming out of last season and during the off season there was no argument that Crusoe Gongbay had established himself as the #1 starter on this team. His off field situation now leaves UNM having to change things up as Gongbay missed all spring and now will miss fall camp, and really a strong possibility that he will never suit up for Lobo football again, and if somehow does end up back on this team, how far behind does he fall on the depth chart? 

"I will make the right decision," said Bob Davie. "Without an agenda. I will not bring back a player just to win games." Davie talked about making a common sense decision and will be working with Paul Krebs and the athletic department in bringing back any player and each has their individual situation. Still words like embarrassment and shame rang loudly, still Davie isn't out to make a name for himself as a disciplinarian. "I also won't leave a kid off so that people will consider me a great disciplinarian."  

As far as our running back unit. "It's scary," said Davie. We have
Jhurrell Pressley is really good, Teriyon Gipson has made some gains and is up to 178. After that we have David Anaya, Rommell Jordan and Tyrone Owens. While UNM missed out on their JUCO recruit who didn't qualify they did pick up Diquon Woodhouse a transfer from the Naval Academy. "Woodhouse was a player we had in a couple of years ago and offered him, "said Davie. "He chose the Naval Academy and ended up in their prep school, decided he didn't like the situations and comes to us. He has 5 years to play 4 as he was at a prep school.  Now it is just seeing how is going to step up."

Diquon Woodhouse

While no doubt there are a couple of negative stories that people can focus on Coach Bob Davie has brought enough positive forward that once the games start UNM can put the negatives behind them. Slowly but surely Davie is building a program. Hopefully Lobo fans will respond by going to games. 

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