Dillon Farrell Is A Niner

From baby face to Duck Dynasty beard Dillon Farrell has always been a Red Menace guy! Yesterday the news came that the Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award winner made the cut and is a Niner. We spoke with Dillon about that.

TheRedMenace.com has always been more than just a "media" website. There has always been a passion for UNM in all we do, and one of those is creating The Red Menace end zone section. The other was getting to know players, their families, and getting people out to support them.

While the Lobo football team is full of players there are always guys that were/are "our" guys. Guys that understood what Red Menace Attitude was all about and were active and willing participants in that. Those men always ended up with The Red Menace Fan Appreciation Award. Dillon Farrell was our guy. He understood what it was all about. As Dillon chased his dream to be an NFL player he took us along for the ride and we are so proud and happy to see that Dillon has made the San Francisco 49ers roster (Even if I'm a Cowboy fan)...

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to Dillon about the upcoming season, and if I sound like a silly fan... Sorry! I am a fan of the big man from Baton Rouge, as we are fans of all our Lobos. Just some guys are "our" guys and Dillon for sure is one of them.

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