NLI Day 2015 Offense

A hard working Lobo football staff filled some holes for the upcoming season and future via the JUCO and HS route. Today we take a look at the offensive side of the ball.

>NLI day was exciting around the Lobo football offices this morning and afternoon as Coach Bob Davie unveiled the 2015 Lobo football recruiting class. A class that I would say Davie is pretty optimistic about. Obviously no coach goes up and says he had a poor recruiting class, but this year there seemed to me a little bit more excitement coming from The Tow Diehm Facility.

Starting of course with UNM SID Frank Mercagliano hosting a television show unveiling the newest Lobos and some of their highlight videos as well as interviews with Lobo coaches talking about their newest players. Big props to UNM for coming up with this idea as it really in my opinion helped to grow some excitement today.

“We are looking at specific pieces now,” said Davie. “We are allowed 56 visits and we used 39 of them, and of the 39 we hit on 22.” Obviously New Mexico isn’t the easiest place to recruit football to, we have a reputation of you will of not being a winner, not having a lot of homegrown talent and most of the homegrown talent finds themselves leaving the state ala this year’s top recruit Zach Gentry to Michigan. That didn’t stop UNM from offering Gentry and UNM’s lone in state scholarship player this year Blair Manly of Cibola HS. “He is a tall corner that goes, “said Davie. “I was really nervous someone else was going to scoop him up. We offered early and he has been out to our practices and was able to see what we are doing.”

DB Blair Manly

This year’s class is broken down by 9 JUCOs and 13 high school players, with 8 coming from California and 6 from Texas. “That is our recruiting area,” said Davie. “We will continue working there, though we think we can do more in the Midwest. We get those players in from the Midwest they get off the plane and see how beautiful New Mexico is.”

Coach was most excited about his group of wide receivers. “We haven’t been a particularly attractive   place for receivers over these first couple of years,” said Davie. “Nor have we tried to be.” Yet when asked Davie said that of the position he was most happy with in this class, he responded with “We really nailed down the WR position.”

WR class L-R Anu Somoye, Sa'Von Rollison, Delane Hart-Johnson Q' Drennan


QB Austin Apodaca joining UNM as well as the 5 other QB’s on the roster and the new WR added the question was how much is the offense going to change? Davie joked, “We are going to throw it every down now!” After some chuckles Davie said, “We are locked in on our philosophy, but have to add in some balance. We think that Apodaca brings some experience to the young quarterbacks we have in place and that with 5 QB’s that can all throw the ball around we can get that balance.”

While there is plenty of excitement in February Coach Davie made mention that this team has to win. “We know the process of recruiting to New Mexico, “said Davie. “Most of these guys were textbook recruiting cases. We were the first to offer, we visited, made phone calls, we stayed on them, logging in many miles. I guarantee you that there is not another staff that has outworked us. This includes the addition of C Beau Hott  and RB Daryl Chestnut. Hott had originally committed to Oregon State and Chestnut to multiple schools out of HS and JUCO. After both made the decision to reopen their recruiting it was a Lobo coaching staff that never gave up on either that was able to secure a signature.

RB Daryl Chestnut
OL Beau Hott

While signing day is exciting, Davie knows there is a bottom line and that is winning. What happens in February has to cross over to MWC success for 2015 and beyond. If the past seasons are any indications this coaching staff will be able to take these youngsters and plug them in.

We will be taking a look at the defensive side of things next time

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