Cost of Attendance and Lobo Football

Bob Davie has some thoughts and ideas about the new Cost of Attendance scholarships that UNM has approved.

The Cost of Attendance has come to New Mexico, as it has to most of the MWC and universities across the country. If you are like myself, you have spent the better part of the past two days trying to figure out what the heck it is. Basically the Cost of Attendance Scholarship is the value of a athletic scholarship going up in cash value. It gives more money to the student athlete for cost-of-living, course fees, academic-related supplies and other things they may need. UNM has set the number at 2,700.00 per scholarship per year.

In today's Albuquerque Journal it was reported that UNM AD Paul Krebs is starting The Cost of Attendance scholarship raise with mens and womens basketball and Lobo football to follow in 2016 due to getting the cash to pay for the raises.

Today after Lobo football practice Coach Davie was asked about the Cost of Attendance and what it means to Lobo football specifically.

Davie has a great perspective in that we (The MWC) shouldn't worry about competing with the SEC, Big XII, or other Resource 5 conferences, but rather we (UNM) should be worried about the teams that we (UNM) recruit against and face every weekend.

I spoke with Javan Hedlund of the MWC office today and he said. "At this point we are just waiting to see which schools decide to offer the Cost of Attendance and which aren't. New Mexico is the latest and we are still waiting to hear from a few more." I asked Hedlund if at this time if the conference as whole was looking at a maximum amount for the schools that decided to give Cost of Attendance scholarships and Hedlund responded, "No, it is a decision for each individual school as to the amount they give. Each school has their own fees and of course cost of living expenses in each individual community."

Part of the Cost of Attendance decision made by UNM also granted coaches the opportunity to offer four year scholarships instead of the year to year scholarships that are currently given. Davie said, "I already look at the scholarships I give as four year scholarships. I've never thrown a player off of a team due to their performance on the field."

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