And Thus We Begin!

Fall practices are open and New Mexico Lobo Football under Bob Davie begins its 4th year. But, unlike the rest of this decade, there is something different about the 2015 Lobos.

I'm not knocking the players the past few years but up and down the roster the depth at each position is there... Today no pads per NCAA rules, but Strength and Conditioning Coach Hilgart has obviously had an effect on this team as these young men have size and speed.

With no pads I didn't look at the defense as much since they couldn't hit today, however, there were some man on man drills WR/DB style and Cranston Jones stepped up multiple plays. Cranston looks physical and ready to step up.

Lamar Jordan

This is the deepest QB crew I can recall. If anyone thinks Lamar Jordan is going to walk away with the starting job, your fooling yourself. Apodaca and Lawson have solid arms and showed today that they could wrest that starting job away from Jordan. After practice Davie gave Jordan huge praise for not his physical ability, but the fact that he has become a leader on the offense taking new players under his wing, working with them, making sure they know where they are supposed to be.
Austin Apodaca

JaJuan Lawson

Speaking of depth...has anyone seen our RB corp? Jhurrel Pressley is back and he has put on more muscle and looked as shifty and faster than ever. Pressley told that he has been working with a personal training coach over the summer on his speed and strength. Teriyon Gipson also had a couple of great runs today that has me thinking how in the world can Davie and DeBesse take the ball out of the running backs hands? They only averaged 300 yards a carry and that's before adding Daryl Chestnut and Tyrone Owens.
Daryl Chestnut

One of the greatest sets was watching the different options DeBesse used with an RB or WR at the flanker position... The flanker runs in front of QB to have the QB tap the ball into his hands, sometimes the classic reverse, sometimes fake to the flanker and a straight off tackle hand off, a dump off to the WR, or reverse the field and toss the ball to a TE... There is just so many different options out of one set and the QB/WR/RB have it all down, watching the chemistry is exciting!

WR Anu Somoye

Okay practice the rest of this week starts at 9:30 and Bob Davie is excited for you all to show up and see how much this team has grown up. Make no doubt about it, Davie doesn't want you to take his word for it, go check it out for yourself.

WR Matt Quarells

It's been a few years and I'm a little rusty. Look for the creative juices to flow the longer I'm out there.

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