Dare To Dream and Expect A Bowl?

Bob Davie says he expects victories and a bowl run and it isn't just talk to get people to buy tickets. He really expects it! Video with Ziltz and Jordan.

Year four and Bob Davie is talking victories and bowl games. There is a different attitude surrounding this football team and it started during the off season as Ben Hilgart really worked this team well...

Ryan Lankford

But that wasn't all of it. Vice-President Paul Krebs was out at practice and told Rudy C and myself about the nutritionists that they had working with the football team all summer long. The players during the summer were fed well for breakfast and lunch at the Tow and could eat at La Posada. The nutritionists worked with each individual player and looking at this team the past two days you could see how this team physically has changed.

Markel Byrd
Ricky Bennett

With Lobo football not heading to Ruidoso the money was well spent on housing here in Albuquerque and the players could use the amazing facilities UNM has said Bob Davie.

Bijon Parker

Per NCAA rules the Lobos were still only in shorts on Tuesday as they acclimate to football... Wednesday and Thursday in shells and Friday first day full pads. So we spent some time watching the big bulky D-linemen hitting the sled.

Chris Lewis
What I liked about it is not only were they moving the sled well, but Davie stopped by and started doing some barking and teaching of his own. Seriously, Davie has put his butt on the line talking about bowl games and records. It is great seeing him get down and dirty.

Also more throwing with our QB's and receivers... I think you will enjoy some of these videos as the passing game looks very solid so far (no hitting of course)...Rudy C spoke with Lamar Jordan after practice and while some fans think Jordan is the #1 QB, Lamar isn't as confident as some fans. He and each and every player know every starting position has to be earned.

The recruits coming in this year are pushing for jobs now so the incumbents have to step up their game... Bottom line last years "best players" that played did not have a winning record, so if any of them thinks their job is secure.... Look for that guy to ride the pine!

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