2004 Thank You Seniors

Thank you guys for being part of The Red Menace and bringing Lobo football tradition to the 505! **May take a second to download, a lot of pictures**

4 years ago The Red Menace was born. We didn't know if we were going to be successful or how successful the Lobo football teams was going to be. What we were going to do was just try to have a little fun in the end zone…

This Saturday marks the final home game for 19 seniors. Players that have been around since the beginning of The Red Menace, players that kind of took us under their wing, players that I hope know how much we appreciate all that they have done for us fans. Not, not just the 4 winning seasons in a row, something not accomplished in 40 years here at UNM. No, not the 3 consecutive bowl games, something that has NEVER been accomplished here at UNM, and not even the great football memories and games that they have played here in their time here at UNM. What we want to thank these seniors for is doing something that no other 4 year class has ever done at UNM. 

They built tradition…

With that, let me present to all of you the University of New Mexico Lobos' senior class!

#1 Jessie Demarest

#2 Katie Hnida

#5 DD Cox (wearing his old number)

#15 Tali Ena (wearing #11)

#26 Curtis Flakes (soph. pic when C. Flakes was a DB)

#27 Kevin Walton

#28 Brandon Payne

#30 Wes Zunker

#33 Fola Fashola

#34 Landrick "L-Train" Brody

#37 "The Baz" Josh Bazinet

#51 Ryan Rice (I have to give special thanks to Ryan, while he may not have logged a lot of time on the football field, he is one of the main reasons that my youngest daughter will forever love UNM football! Thank you Ryan!)

#55 Chrishone Harris

#61 Melvin Foster

#69 Brian Humphreys (in red)

#76 Claude Terrell (Nothing but love for ya' Big C. Thank you for all the stories while you were here and everything you have done for The Red Menace!)

#83 Martin Romero

#88 Mike Augustyniak

#89 Nick Speegle

#96 Kyle Coulter (The very first young man that The Red Menace interviewed was Kyle Coulter. We were CherrySilver.com back in the day, and I will never forget the inteview Kyle did with me as he was just totally pumped up to be a Lobo! I also would like to thank Kyle and the Coulter family for everything they have done to help The Red Menace tradition grow!)

Wow! I've tried to interview or photograph all these young men (and lady) and appreciate all that they have done for not only our community, but for my family, and The Red Menace itself. In 60 years when you guys are talking about your college football days to your grandchildren, and they flash to Rocky Long Stadium and there is a bunch of people screaming in the end zone, you can look at them and say, I built that...

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