The Rock Looks At Two Hornets caught up with Highland HS Coach Ralph "Judge" Chavez to talk about two of his players that UNM is interested in.

Highland High School Coach Ralph "Judge" Chavez was out at practice today not only looking at one of his former players (Jr. Mike Mohoric) but also hanging out with Highland's Mr. Everything Phillip Harrison. Mr. Harrison wasn't wearing a jacket. I guess being young and huge you can handle the elements better then this worn old guy, still it would be nice if Rocky could have had Phillip watching practice in an INDOOR practice facility!


Here is an interview I conducted with "Judge" Chavez as we talked about Phillip Harrison and another Hornet that The Rock is recruiting, athlete Ian Clark (quarterback/defensive back).  "Judge" Chavez confirmed that Rocky Long is recruiting Ian to play for the University of New Mexico and will be visiting Ian sometime this week.


Coach can we ask you a little something about a couple of players of yours, Phillip Harrison and Ian Clark.


We had a pretty successful year due to both those kids. I think both are D-I players and the Lobos are looking at them. We're hoping that they both play here. It's always nice to have kids stay here in town, we have a couple in the program right now (Mike Mohoric, Mike Powdrell, and Brian Humphreys) and they set a good example for our younger kids and show them that they can reach their goal to play Division I football.

"Judge" with former Hornet Mike Mohoric


Tell us a little bit about Ian Clark


Ian played quarterback and defensive back for us this year, in college I think he is going to be a defensive back. I don't think he is a college QB, he is one of those kids that when coaches have come in to talk about him, they say they are going to recruit him as an "athlete" then any position. He returned punts for us, he could be a wideout, and he could have been a running back.


Ian missed a couple of games earlier this year, but came back very strong, Rocky is going to meet with him on Thursday and get everything squared away and hopefully he will be a Lobo. At this point Ian is getting looks from UNM, NMSU (old coaching staff), and a letters from a bunch of different school. No offers from anybody at this point.


And Phillip Harrison


Phillip played offensive guard, defensive line, and kicked for us, but it seems like the Lobos are interested in him playing defensive line here; that should be very fun for him I'm sure. Phillip did miss 4 games earlier this season with a knee injury that thank God didn't need surgery. He came back and had a very good year and is ready to become a

D-I player


Phillip has been offered by UNM and NMSU at this point, but with the change of coaching staffs down there I don't know if they still grant that or not, but I don't think he is really interested in going down there, I think



Right after I spoke with Judge, who walked up? None other then the big man himself Phillip Harrison. And when I say big man, I mean it. Phillip Harrison looks like the prototype Lobo defensive lineman. He is big, strong, and looked like he was ready to pad up and go out there right now. He has really grown since the first time I met him earlier this year. Prior to talking to him he was really checking out the size and play of current Lobo Hitmen Ryan Cook and Claude "Big C" Terrell.


I broke him away from practice long enough to get a couple of words in before he could return to watching practice. I noticed he was taking a particular interest in one-on-one blocking drills, and why not as next year he could be the one donning the Cherry and Silver.


Phillip how did the season go this year?


It went pretty good. Injury earlier this season, recovered pretty quickly, and we finished out the year pretty strong. The best year we've had at Highland since I've been there.


What position do you think you want to play in college?


I'm willing to play whatever the coaches want me to play; but I feel I have more of a nose for defense.


Any new schools jumping aboard?


I'm getting the calls from the schools I mentioned to you earlier this year, I haven't taken any official visits yet, I'll probably set one up real soon, but I figure I'll be making my decision here real soon.


Do you have a leading candidate yet that you want to mention?


(smiling) You make a decision who the leader is. Who do you want to be the leader?


Well Phillip, since you put in my hands, the decision is real easy for me, we will be seeing you in Cherry and Silver!



Other recruiting news

According to the morning paper La Cueva's Frankie Baca has given a verbal commitment to play for the University of New Mexico. Great news for Rocky Long and staff as they have coveted the running back/ defensive back from La Cueva for a long time now.


Also… has confirmed that QB Chris Nelson 6'4 215 of Garden City CC has given a verbal commitment to play for the University of New Mexico

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