Senior Night At The Pit

Oh yes its Senior Night and the feeling's right! Oh yes it's Senior Night! OH WHAT A NIGHT!

Senior night and I wanted to make it to The Pit early. Unfortunately, I had my daughter's basketball banquet to hit so I was running late. Lucky for me! Lucky you say… Why do you think it is lucky? Because I was able to watch and check out the pre-game motivation tool used by our Lobo basketball team. I apologize for the video quality and that it is broken into 2 pieces, but the Colorado State basketball team was checking them out and just tripping out on this tribal dance…


Pregame  Part I

Pregame Part II



I know that Coach McKay and the team will say different but I never felt this game was in any kind of doubt… The Rams were simply the sheep for the slaughter. So I spent most of my time following the crowd reaction, the team reaction, and McKay's reaction. Props to the Lobo Howlers for sneaking in signs and getting some good chants going in their section and leading the crowd.


Finally after the Lobos dispatched the Rams it was time for the senior farewell. Lobo fans were going nuts but Alfred Neale elected to stay quiet and thank the crowd.

"No coach please"


Troy DeVries spoke very nicely and the guy is all class.




We have heard from Coach Didrickson and many about how humble Danny Granger is and how much he loves his team and tonight he showed it as he broke down crying. The emotion he displayed was awesome for this Lobo fan and how lucky was I to be able to rush the floor and get some video for all of us! I hope you enjoy listening and seeing it as much as I enjoyed being down there and videotaping it. Once again I apologize for the quality and that I had to break it down into a few segments.


Danny Granger MVP


Danny Gets Emotional "I promised myself I wouldn't cry."


Big Hug from Coach McKay



Thank you Ritchie McKay and Staff, Troy DeVries, Al Neale, Danny Granger, and the non-seniors for a wonderful season in The Pit you will be missed until next year!


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