2005 Spring Practice Day IX

John Mulchrone and Logan Hall have a pretty good day.

Picked up practice about: 45 minutes in to it after wandering over to the track complex to watch my two nieces, (and future UNM Track stars, I hope) complete in a track meet. They did pretty well.


Well Dom was out at the track meet the Lobos were working on field goal blocks and did Gabriel Fulbright come to play today. He was responsible for two blocked kicks.


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I think the accelerated pace that the spring session has been played at caught up with the Lobos a little. On this Monday, everything seemed to be moving a little slower.


The quick pace to and from the huddle was a step slower. The pace of the play seemed off.


A full scrimmage (no pads) got nasty as the o-linemen and the wide receivers were get ripped by offensive coordinator Dan Dodd for their level of play. In the next set of drills for the quarterbacks and WR's Dodd really lit into them. Saying any receiver who dropped a pass thrown into his hands would run 500 yards for each drop.


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The pass-catchers were a little more sticky fingered after that. Still a few drops, but better -"focus".


Back to scrimmage situations. Better hands on the ball for the WR's and a noticeable up-tick in intensity level. The alarm clock went off, perhaps.


Monday, Monday…


Kole McKamey looked sharp, again. Hard to put a finger on it… He just seems better at everything. Its experience I'm sure, but the passes he's throwing have a little more mustard. The throws more timely and on target.

McKamey hooked up with "Big Bank" Hank Baskett (duh!) plus Tight Ends Logan Hall and John Mulchrone for a few nice catches. Hall and Mulchrone are battling it out for that tight end position and neither wants to give an inch.


The defense picked up the pace, too. LB's Joe Selander and Mike Tuohy knocked down passes in the middle of the defense. The linebackers are going to be CRAZY this year.


The offense and defense faced off evenly off a while. A quarterback would complete a nice throw, (along with Kole, Steve Harris and Chris Nelson were getting their share of plays), then the defense would make a play, like DeAndre Wright with a pair of sacks.


Travis Brown's tough grab of a high throw brought "oohs" and "ahhs" from the sideline.


All in all, I'm sure most of the players and coaches were just glad to get through this one. Halfway point of the spring session and all are starting to feel the grind.


Offensive, defensive and special teams player of the practice all the same guy.

The one man who sums up a practice like this with these immortal words "Git ‘er done"

-Larry the Cable Guy.


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Offensive player of practice

#83 TE John Mulchrone is establishing himself as a sure handed receiver and a nice big target for quarterbacks



Defensive Player of Practice

#2 DeAndre Wright-


I have DeAndre with 1 blocked pass as well as 2 sacks.

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