2005 Spring Practice Day X

There comes a day in every practice session, spring or fall, that the relatively unknown, seldom used, or never used players step up and start making a name for themselves. Today was that day!

I spent the first part of practice checking out The Hitmen go up against the defensive line. Talk about just one-on-one physical play… I can't put into words how physical these guys were so I put it all on video for you all to see…


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Tuesday is a full pad and scrimmage day so let's head to the main course, and once again the play of the seldom used or new players. Yes, there were the amazing catches by Hank Baskett, quick runs by Marcus Smith; nice throws by Kole McKamey and the great defense by guys like Gabriel Fulbright, Jerrell Malone, and Mike Mohoric. But being out there every day I've almost come to expect it from those guys. In fact, not to take them for granted, but the spectacular from most of our experienced players has become the rule rather then the exception or exceptional. So when one of these younger or scout team guys goes out and makes these unbelievable plays or hits you really have a habit of noticing them, and not just me as the writer, but these players teammates as well…


Example, redshirt freshman Blake Ligon was smoking hot today. He returned an interception for a touchdown, was in on a couple of nice hard hitting tackles, as well as playing excellent pass defense… Sure the fans and family members on the sideline were scrambling to their roster to find out who #29 in white was, but all they really had to do was listen to Blake's biggest and most vocal supporter today… Gabriel Fulbright who all during today's scrimmage was screaming… "I see you young Blake." Or, the ever popular… "Hey Liiiiggggooooonnnnn."


Other young men whose names you may not have heard on any of our reports that really exploded with spectacular plays today were…


#20 CB Mike Powdrell- I have Powdrell down for a couple of passes defenses and an interception.

Mike Powdrell


#32 Daniel Lowney- I had Daniel down for a couple of nice pass defenses.


#99 Husayn Bin-Bilal I have Husayn down for at least 1 sack perhaps 2 and just some tough run defense in the middle. Sure he was knocked down a couple of times, but he keeps coming full steam ahead.



#13 Steve Harris


QB Steve Harris put a nice pass up in the air for WR Jonathan Brooks that only Brooks could catch for the touchdown. Sounds easy right? Well Brooks didn't make it easy, as he running at full speed was able to stick one hand out and bat the ball back into the crook of his elbow to make the TD reception. Everyone was there to give Mr. Brooks the props he richly deserved for keeping concentration and making the play.

Jonathan Brooks


But it was RS-freshman RB that picked up the hugest pops of the day. I had La Cueva's own FB Jonah Foutz with 2 runs for over 100 yards and a touchdown. The first play was a 65-70 yard run up the middle where the cannonball popped out of the line and just turned on the jets all the way to the north end zone! After the play and coincidently the red teams first TD of the day Jonah was hearing it from his teammates. A couple of series later it was Foutz received an option pitch and rumbled for 30+ yards.


Sure there were other players that stepped up today and I would be remiss not to mention them.


#10 Juamar Hall blocked a FG, and blast Adrian Byrd with the most violent collision I have ever captured on video!

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#39 Rodney Ferguson looked pretty good today with some real good power running.


#5?? Mike Mohoric was filling his holes and was responsible for some really nice tackling.


#36 Cody Kase was in on a sack as well as some nice tackles.


#83 John Mulchrone had some nice receptions in the middle, but it was the wide open touchdown pass that he dropped that had everyone's head spinning like that girl from the Exorcist.


Some Quick Hits


I spoke briefly with Curtis Pino aka "The Passion" and yes Mr. Pino did run some drills today and looked as excited as ever to be pulling and making plays.


Funniest line of the day was Hank Baskett hurling into a trash bucket. "Saying this is what I needed, now I'm ready…" I didn't think video was appropriate so you don't get to see and hear the graphic details only read them here on TheRedMenace.com


Offensive Coordinator Dan Dodd held his starting offense on the field long after most of the other players had left the field. I believe explaining to the importance of them getting it together and keeping it together. In my totally uneducated opinion there have been plenty of flashes of how great this offense can be, unfortunately, these guys haven't done it consistently enough for all to see…


Offensive Player of the day



FB Jonah Foutz


Could it be anyone else?


Defensive Player of the Day

#29 Blake Ligon or as Fulbright would say "LLLLiiiiiggggoooonnnn"



505 Pride


Something new we are trying on TheRedMenace.com It is just a special mention for a current Lobo that comes from the state of New Mexico. We love all our Lobo football players, but in our opinion the local players just don't receive the publicity and props they deserve. So from now on we will be announcing an offensive and defensive player of practice as well as a native New Mexican who opened our eyes during practice


So the inaugural recipient the 505 Pride mention is…




#18 WR Hank Baskett Bringing Pride to the 505!


Who loves ya Hank? The Red Menace loves ya! The Clovis HS grad is playing with an injured groin, banged up elbow, and everyone on the field knowing when the Lobos are in desperate need of a reception they are going in Hank's direction and he still makes the plays!


Not to early to start thinking about tailgating with The Red Menace for the annual Spring Cherry Silver game!

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