2005 Spring Day XII

Rain, Hail, Wind, Tornados???    

The Lobos were running a full scrimmage/practice at Rocky Long Stadium today and was excited to get out there. The clouds were ominously dark and closing in and I found out later that there was a tornado warning in full effect on my way down there. I thought I had seen a funnel like cloud in the air, but just thought it was my imagination.


I was able to take my little girl with me and when we got to the stadium there was a nice stiff breeze and it was a little chilly. We were a little late but were able to see a nice drive capped off when Steve Harris hit Matthew Quillen with a dump off pass to the fullback. Quillen lowered his head and bowled over the safety.

Steve Harris



The following drives found the 1st and 2nd team offenses running into some stiff defensive play complete with sacks by Kevin Balogun, Evory Thompson, Cody Kase, and some excellent run stops by the entire Lobo defense. After going back and forth a couple of series Offensive Coordinator Dan Dodd was beside himself with the 3 and outs.

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#92 Evroy Thompson


The rain started picking up at this point but the Lobo offense started moving forward with some nice runs by Rodney Ferguson and Marcus Smith. Then the hail started showing up… WR run from the running back position. I believe it was Jonathan Brooks that made the run. Next play was a fullback dive and practice was suspended as the lightning, thunder, and hail were hitting close to home.


We spent twenty to thirty minutes in The Tow waiting out the rain as The Rock was checking out the Doppler radar in hopes of getting back to practice.


After the rain subsided some the players went back on the field for some quick stretching exercise and they went right back at it when Chris Mark found a seam and made a great touchdown catch.


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First team offense comes back and Kole snaps the ball… As he drops back, please say hello to Mr. Billy Brittain who during a regular game would have put the QB's helmet on backward. Instead Kole received a bear hug from Mr. Brittain.


The tone was set as Jonah Foutz found it tough to run into the Lobo defense…


Like I said, the defense was on it, and I had my daughter for the next two clips you here me warning my little one that the play was coming in our direction and we needed to move out of the way. I should have known we didn't have to, as the Lobo defense wouldn't give up the sideline. There was also an interception returned for a touchdown, unfortunately I couldn't catch the number.


Unfortunately Mother Nature just wasn't going to give us a break today as the rain came down in buckets! So we watched one last play, and what a super play it was as Matt Peebles was able was able to take a ball inside and able to find a whole, grab a sideline and pick up a big gainer.


At that point this soggy Bandito and his soggy daughter had to call it quits.


Offensive Player of Practice

#85 Chris Mark


After the long delay to come out on the field and run a perfect route for the touchdown. Not to mention he had to twist and turn completely around for the pass made it that much better.


Defensive Player of Practice

#60 Billy Brittain


I have Billy in on 2 sacks as well as a couple of tackles. Plus to have to against Ryan Cook all the time cant' be a picnic.


505- Pride

#31 Matthew Quillen


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Nice touchdown run where Quillen showed not only good hands, but also the ability to lower his shoulder, compact the body and score a touchdown.


Make your plans to join The Red Menace Saturday 23rd around 12:00 noon for tailgating fun for the Cherry Silver game!


Also, I've been approached by one of the parents trying to get all the other player's parents e-mail addresses so that he can organize a couple of get togethers. If you wouldn't mind sending me your e-mail address at

http://media.scout.com/Media@theredmenace.com so that I could forward them to the gentleman putting this all together.

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