2005 Spring Practice Day XIII

Time to start taking a look at guys that have opened eyes during spring.

Full pads practice today. Only three sessions left, counting today, there's work to be done.

Coaches didn't have much tolerance for mistakes today. Probably thinking that after 12 practices the "little things" should be covered.


No tolerance for missed blocks or lack of hustle going back to the huddle. We won't use the names to protect the guilty and the innocent, but Dodd went off on of his players yelling, "It's official… You have a fumbling problem and until you take care of that problem you won't be playing." Later Coach Dodd was screaming at a receiver that missed his block…"You cant' block! You can't play!"


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of Jed Clampitt, Paul Baker, Othellus Swift, Chris Mark, and Cody Kase


The defense was its usual swarming self, chasing QB's and RB's in the backfield a lot.

Offense did move the ball some, especially the 3rd team offense behind the arm of Bryan "Jed" Clampitt and the legs of Daniel Ramirez as he had a nice burst through the line for some nice gains.


He seems to move well through traffic. Ramirez got me thinking about the players who I have noticed this spring, Ramirez being one of them. Now I'm not saying these were the stars of spring practice. Just guys I noticed for their play or how they were being used.

Ramirez has been in the middle of a lot of first-team offensive series. He's done well given the opportunity.


RB Paul Baker has had his moments as well, including a nice touchdown plunge today from the 1-yard line. DonTrell Moore and Rodney Ferguson are the horses, no doubt, but watch Baker and Ramirez.


QB Kole McKamey has shown continued improvement from last spring to this spring and as he sits on the cusp of his junior year, he shows signs of being the best Lobo QB ever. We talked to McKamey after practice. He said he feels much more comfortable this spring compared with last, and it shows.



Watching Hank Baskett in practice is a treat. The best receiver that anybody outside of the 505 has never heard of. Seems to catch everything within a ten-foot radius of his hands and plays hurt but doesn't play like he's hurt.


Marcus Smith has been featured a lot and his speed will be something definitely needed this year for the Lobos as they look for that 2nd receiver opposite Baskett. The new offensive sets and plays with Smith getting the ball out of the backfield should do nothing but help him.


On defense, everyone's talking about Aleem Harris. He has made quite an impact in the defensive backfield and his potential seems unlimited. The Harris size and speed he could the newcomer of the year in the MWC.


Juamar Hall has had a good spring but will have a hard time cracking the starting lineup with the duo of Jerrell Malone and Gabriel Fulbright.


Subscribers check out videos of Jed Clampitt, Paul Baker, Othellus Swift, Chris Mark, and Cody Kase



Linebackers seem pretty solid. Mike Mohoric, Quincy Black, Joe Selander have all shined at times, but today it was Cody Kase with the big plays, sacks, and hits.


Hey, these are all just my impressions…nothing more.

Practice ended kind of early today. Except, of course, for the wide receivers and tight ends. They were held over for extra pass catching drills as Master Sgt. Dodd and Sgt. Strauss had the players hard at work again.


Offensive Player of Practice

#14 QB Bryan "Jed" Clampitt


Subscribers check out videos of Jed Clampitt, Paul Baker, Othellus Swift, Chris Mark, and Cody Kase


Jed led the third team offense on a sweet scoring drive today that was capped off when Clampitt had a clear lane to the endzone. He took off and ran the 10+ yards for the score.


Defensive Player of Practice

#36 LB Cody Kase


Cody was strong today breaking up one pass he should have intercepted, a sack, and some nice tackles. Kase has solidified himself as one of the Lobos top linebackers.


505 Pride

#9 Tyson Ditmore


Las Cruces High School product Tyson Ditmore had one sack and a couple of pressures, which may have been sacks if he could have hit the QB. Not to mention a couple of tackles.

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