Spring 2005 Day XIV

Rodney Ferguson goes off!       

Spring practice wrapped up today with the fellas wearing shoulder pads and shorts. I could be wrong, but I think the guys are kind of tired of hitting one another and running drills, so the Cherry Silver scrimmage should be well received by the players on the team.


I love watching one on one blocking drills and that is what most of today's practice was about as the running backs had to lineup vs. the safeties. I always love this drill because it is all tenacity. The guys that caught my eye on defense were Aleem Harris who abused the Lobo blockers at will. Harris used his height to "swim" over would be blockers, or just strength to roll over them. Also catching my eye during blocking drills was Tyson Ditmore. While Tyson didn't always beat his man, he was able to get through more time then naught. Offensively Matt Quillen really showed the blocking ability that a tough fullback will need, as he was able to stand guys up and keep most of his blocks.


Paul Baker prepares to block Darvin Peterson


Following this drill was WR blocking on safeties and corners for option plays. (No D-lineman or linebackers here.) Once again very physical drill and Lobo WR are very good blockers. Offensively I thought Marcus Smith and Travis Brown did well, but it was #19 Jason Caprioli that put up a sweet block giving Paul Baker the touchdown run… Baker helped himself by fighting off the tackle of Aleem Harris and leaping over a would be tackler on the ground.

Marcus Smith holds up Aleem Harris


Next up just straight run blocking drills. No fear of passing so it was up to The Hitmen to open up lanes for the running backs and the road graders did their job well. It helped of course that Rodney Ferguson is the perfect back for this situation as he had 2 touchdown runs and a nice 20-yard gainer after bouncing the ball outside. Defensively I thought Tyler Donaldson did pretty well for himself on a couple of tackles


Subscribers see Rodney Ferguson's touchdown runs!


The Lobos then practiced on punting and fake punting drills. John O'Brien worked on snapping the ball to the side allowing a fake punt pass and I was shocked to see the arm on John Mulchrone who not only proves that he has great hands for catching a ball, but has nice touch throwing it as well as he connected every time he tossed the rock. Adrian Byrd gave it a shot as well, but his teammates gave him the business as it looked like Byrd really was throwing a rock!


Scrimmages next and the ball was flying around. The defense was ready and the Lobo offense was only able to mount one score as Kole McKamey hit… You'll never guess… #18 maybe for the touchdown. The only other score was Juamar Hall stepping in front of a Steve Harris pass and taking it back 90+ yards for a touchdown. Mr. Hall has some wheels on him as he blew by everyone en route to his TD.


Subscribers see Juamar Hall's Touchdown and Baskett to McKamey



Robert Turner

I never thought I would see the day that someone got the best of Robert Turner in a fight, but today was that day as Michael Tuohy and Mr. Turner mixed it up after a play. Tuohy who I believe most Lobo fans and coaches look to have a huge year at the linebacker position was tossing punches (which were pretty good jabs) and ripped the lid off Robert Turner who we all know is a bad ass! The battle took place on the west field and the defensive players on the east field turned around and were cheering Tuohy on for taking care of Robert Turner. The Rock had some words for Michael after practice however; as he asked him to explain the NCAA's rule about throwing punches and fighting… One thing #58 if you're going to take a swipe at someone please don't punch ‘em with a closed fist. The last thing we all want to see is you with a broken hand or wrist…

The People's Champ? Michael Tuohy


Practice closed today with Kole McKamey stepping up to the leadership role that he has earned. One of the players ran the wrong route (I don't use names to protect the guilty or innocent) and McKamey demonstrated very vocally I might add that the offense needs the players to run the right routes and take care of business. One of the best part of this spring is watching Kole take over this team and watching his teammates responding to his leadership.



Offensive Player of Practice

#39 Rodney Ferguson


I have Rodney with 2 touchdown runs and some nice long gains as well (tough to tell how many and how far as they weren't able to go full speed and the whistle would blow.) Rodney also had some nice blocks on one-on-one drills


Defensive Player of Practice

#10 Juamar Hall


Hell of an interception and touchdown return. Plus a couple of nice tackles and passes defended.


505 Pride

#12 Kole McKamey


The pride of Artesia and now the 505 has really stepped up this spring and not only established himself as the leader on offense, but a guy that should very well be in the running for all-MWC accolades.


Red Menace news!

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Saturday's tailgate is going to be kind of weird because the scrimmage is going to be played on the south practice fields. At this time we are looking at the southeast parking lot of the stadium for our tailgate party Saturday. We will be starting around 12:00 noon and encourage one and all to come out. Please bring something with you for one and all to eat on Saturday and bring your own favorite beverage. LOOK FOR THE RED MENACE SIGNS and please don't be shy we love to talk to one and all!


Note to all of the player's parents

Keith McKamey is trying to get all of your e-mail addresses so that you can all get together prior to football games. Please send me your e-mail address at admin@theredmenace.com and I will forward them to Mr. McKamey.

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