Happy Birthday Red Menace

Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach said we were some of the toughest fans. Bronco Mendenhall doesn't want his player warming up in front of us. We get the bird from Miners, Aggies, Cougars, Rebels, Red Raiders, and anyone else that dares venture into OUR HOUSE!

It is hard to believe, but yes The Red Menace and TheRedMenace.com are 5 years old this month, and what an amazing run we have had.


For those of you that have been members since the beginning you have heard this a million and one times, but for those of you that are new we say welcome and hope you stick around and see what we are all about.


The Red Menace started 5 years ago when the University of New Mexico expanded University Stadium by enclosing the north end zone. A group of friends got together and attempted to build some much needed Lobo football tradition. Using the internet we started spreading the word and trying to sell tickets in the north end zone in hopes of creating a rowdy fan section in the football stadium patterned after the Cleveland Brown Dawg Pound or the Oakland Raider Black Hole. 




The first year was a test run and we sold like 300 + tickets and The Red Menace was born! The very first Red Menace game was vs. UTEP and the raw energy and power of The Red Menace was unveiled as the fans entered the stadium an hour and half early to secure the prime standing positions, unfurl our signs, and one of our first traditions sort of sprang up… razzing the opponents unmercifully for a straight hour or more. If you aren't sporting the Cherry and Silver you are not safe from the verbal harangues of The Red Menace and many a Red Raider, Aggie, and Cougar have been sent away crying.


The Lobos eventually won the game and one of the greatest Red Menace traditions happened as Lobo players came sprinting to the north end zone and jumped into The Red Menace section! We affectionately call it the "Lobo Leap". 

 Nick Speegle does The Lobo Leap!


Former Lobo Brandon Ratcliff dances after doing the Lobo Leap




Since the early days we have not only celebrated the Lobo Leap and Red Menace Ranting prior to the game, but we have also done something spectacular as many Red Menace members donate money to purchase youth tickets for local YAFL teams to come watch a Lobo game for free. What a great opportunity to build support for UNM then to have local youngsters come to a game with their team, wear their jerseys, paint their faces, go crazy, and then have Lobo football players come jump into the stands and high five these young boys. Many leave University Stadium with the dream of one day becoming a Lobo! (Our ticket drives are currently underway, if you would like tickets for your family or would like to donate a ticket(s) for a YAFL team please contact us at admin@theredmenace.com or call us at 505.299.3629



Other fun things have started since the early years as the "Red Wigs" were introduced, as was more face paints, football practice coverage, game coverage, major tailgate parties, spring football tailgate parties, friendships, message boards, Red Menace T-shirts, Got Syrup?,  last year Dom Zarella, John Salazar, and along with Scott Stiegler found ourselves on television hosting The Lobo Coaches Show on UPN 50 every Sunday night, (We are doing it again this year.) and this year we are proud to announce that The Red Menace can be heard Monday-Fridays at 6:00pm on 106.3 KAGM! We are also excited to introduce another part of our website NMVarsity.com , a message board that is strictly New Mexico High School sports.


All of the tradition, TV, radio, T-shirts, YAFL, and everything we else we have done is due to the support and hard work of all of you! For those of you that have been here we are indebted to you forever. The Red Menace isn't just my dream, it has been all our dreams and we have worked hard together to do it. It is a grassroots group that just keeps getting bigger and better because of all of you. We ask that you continue to spread the word and get more people involved.


For those of you that have just discovered our website we ask that you give it a chance, get on the message boards talk with fellow Lobo fans, contemplate joining us in the football stadium, or sending a YAFL player to a game. Get involved and you will find out that The Red Menace isn't just Dom and Bandito. It is all of us together!


Thank you each and every one of you for making this website and fan group what it is today and what it will become in the future. TheRedMenace.com is the only Lobo website that is free for all to use and the only Lobo website that allows anyone to become a correspondent, and member of our staff. The only website that offers you the freedom to celebrate a major Lobo victory or bemoan a horrible Lobo loss. We are more then friends, family, and comrades here; we are Red Menace!


So Happy Anniversary to one and all!


Ways to get involved


Come purchase a ticket with The Red Menace and hang out in the north end zone this football season as this year's Red Menace season ticket prices are as follows


$49.00 adult  (regular price 65.00)

$32.00 youth


YAFL Send-A-Kid


If you already have your season tickets, live out of town, or just want to see more local youth football players go to a Lobo game then donate $32.00 and we will use that money purchase a season ticket so that we can send more local players to see a game!


New Red Menace T-Shirts are in

You all have been asking for them and they are finally in. The latest Red Menace T-shirts are now available for you to purchase.



We have a few small for the youngsters (snap them up early!) Small, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX Large!


15.00 per shirt 3.35 shipping


Once again you can get these shirts, or get involved by contacting The Red Menace at admin@theredmenace.com or calling us during business hours 9:00am-5:00pm Lobo Standard time at 505.299.3629


Once again a special thanks to each and every one of you that comes to our website, we hope you the future will be as enjoyable as the past 5 years has been.

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