Training Camp 2005 Day II

The Rock goes off!          

Monday was the 1st official day of practice and everyone was all smiles. The Rock, the coaching staff, the players… Yes, it was a workday, but it was also media day and the first day the fellas were getting their first practice under their belt.


Today… A little bit different of a story! No, pads weren't popping as the players were once again in helmets and shorts, but there were more than one serious collision during 7 on 7 and one on one drills.


Most of you know that #27 JC Transfer Aleem Harris is not currently practicing with the team so that opens the door for the other safeties to go out and earn their playing time and they are making the most of the opportunity. It is tough to say this guy or that guy has stepped to the forefront but #29 Blake Ligon and #28 Darvin Peterson were just menacing dudes today tearing into receivers and tight ends. There is also something to be said for DeAndre Wright and Charles Brown today, as both young men seem to find themselves always around the football, especially, when it is a fumble recovery opportunity or interception.

Blake Ligon


In the defensive backfield I know that Jerrell Malone and Gabriel Fulbright are the 2 starting corners but the early play of Juamar Hall continues to impress me. Last year Juamar was a skinny guy with some wheels, it looks like spring and summer workouts were good to Juamar, as he looks bigger and stronger around the ball carrier. Two young guys that have shown the past two days at the cornerback position are newcomers D.J. Terrell and Ian Clark. Both are true freshman so I'm not sure if they can earn a spot on this year's football team, but both young men have impressed me so far.

#10 Juamar Hall


We have heard about the spread offense and what Dan Dodd wants to do this year with the spread offense but the weapons of choice have to be there! The onus is now on the receivers that want to be there, the guys that want to make the plays. Yes, Hank Baskett is there, we know what he brings to the table and today he once again had everyone impressed with his leaping and catching ability as he had a DB draped all over him, Hank jumped up and snared a beautiful pass from Kole McKamey. In other receiver news Travis Brown suffered an ankle sprain yesterday and I didn't notice him out on the field. I have noticed JC transfer #89 Thomas Wilson running with the 1st and 2nd teams the past two days.


TE Logan Hall. Hall who spent much of last year with the injured hand is really showing what he is made of the past two days, making catches, laying some blocks down, and solidifying himself as the starter at TE.


Practice ended kind of ugly today as one of the tight ends (sorry Dom I got no balls, not going to name names.) and multiple defensive players ended up fighting to finish practice. The scrum drew the wrath of one Rocky Long who pulled his players all together for a little…"KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" meeting. The Rock ripped into the players for a good 5 minutes about what it takes to win and self-control. There is nothing, and I mean nothing like seeing The Rock lay the smack down!


 Veterans were released while rookies and some of the newcomers stuck around running plays since they don't get as much time during full practice… As we were leaving Dom mentioned, "That Donovan Porterie guy has a big arm and is so smooth." Yes Dom he does…


Offensive Player of Practice


#82 TE Logan Hall


Now that he is healthy Lobo fans will see what this young man is all about!


Defensive Player of Practice

#17 D.J. Terrell


The newcomer looked strong, I had him with an int. and a pass breakup.


505 Pride


#30 Ian Clark (Former Highland Hornet)


Another newcomer. I've seen Ian play vs. the 1st and 2nd team receivers, holding his own and at 6-0 187 he is an imposing corner that has been holding his own.


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