2005 Training Camp Day VII

Surpise. Surprise. Lobos are in full pads.........

I was surprised to get out to the practice fields today and see the fellas in full pads. The e-mail UNM sent me said today was shorts, helmet, and shoulder pads; so I was very excited to know that there was some hitting going on.


I got to the fields in time to watch the "Lobo Drill" and I was once again very impressed by the blocking of Anthony Carter. AC is working hard and was getting props from his coaches and Hank Baskett for his blocking this afternoon. It is obvious the pride these guys get in putting a defender on their back and AC did pick up a pancake block today that would make any member of The Hitmen proud.


Anthony Carter with The Pancake Block!


AC keeps it up!


Lobo Drill was followed up with some special teams work as Coach Todd put the guys through their drills in punting, fielding punts, kick offs, and punt blocking.


One-on-One drill was next and Anthony Carter fresh from blocking drills looked strong out on the playing field making some nice catches. It is very refreshing this year not to see the amount of dropped balls we have seen in year's past. The "Dropsies" are a mental thing and it really looks like so far the Lobo receivers have conquered the drop passes.


Full scrimmage followed that up and players are trying to move up the depth chart while other players drop down. Now this is by no means any indication of what the starting depth chart is going to look like come Sept. 5 but I noticed that both Anthony Kilby and Vince Natali were spending time with the 1st team offense on the field. There was other mixing and matching going on, but I noticed this one since that Tackle position is one of the hottest contested this year.


Adrian Byrd with a touchdown up the gut!


The play of the day was Hank Baskett going up with Jerrell Malone on a high pass. Malone looked to have secured the interception bringing it into his chest area, but before they hit the ground, Hank using those unbelievably strong hands of his wrenched the ball out of Malone's hands for the reception. What a big time play!


John Mulchrone with a nice gain!




Other highlights of the day included Chris Nelson looping a nice 30 yarder to TE John Mulchrone and back-to-back scores by Marcus Smith. Play number 1 Marcus Smith split a pair of defenders and butted heads going down into the end zone. The kind of play Lobo fans are looking forward to from #4. Unfortunately, there was a flag on the play for illegal motion bringing the play back. Next play Marcus Smith makes a move going in on the corner, sheds him, dips back out on the safety, the ball is heaved high and Smith grabs it for the TD!


Marcus Smith finishes practice with a TOUCHDOWN!


Defense wasn't chopped liver either as so far defensive MVP of training camp Evroy Thompson had back-to-back sacks today, and Adam Garday had 2 tackles for loss.


Also picking up plenty of props today was #50 Herbert Felder. The redshirt freshman's name was called out during one-one-drills and he had some nice tackles during the scrimmage.


Offensive Player of Practice


#4 Marcus Smith


After dropping a pass earlier he came back out and caught a pair of nice touchdown passes.


Defensive Player of Practice


#92 Evroy Thompson


Evroy's 2nd sack


Could 2005 be the year of "The Evroy"? If the trend continues out of training camp, you bet it will be.


505 Pride


#18 Hank Baskett (Clovis HS, Clovis New Mexico)


Hank has to have the strongest pair of hands of a receiver I've ever seen and he makes the impossible look so easy.


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