2005 Day VII Pt. II

Late night with The Rock     

Most cars passing by the sports complex only noticed the lights at Isotopes Park. Just across the way, however, the Lobo Football team was burning the midnight oil. Two-a-days are the time when champions are made and tonight was no exception. The first half of practice was devoted to the kicking game. Coach Everett Todd was putting the emphasis on some new coverage schemes as well as identifying some new kickoff return talent.


Later, in the 505 segments I was going to name Ian Clark formerly of Highland High as the 505 player but I guess you'll just have to keep reading. Ian had one really nice kickoff return and look very good fielding kickoffs. It will be good to see this young man on the grass at Rocky Long Stadium and even though the rule is freshman don't play; special teams may be the exception. The punting job is looking good with Tyler Gauss heading into his senior season with a huge leg and dose of confidence! He is hanging the ball like a big moon in the sky; virtually every time good hang time and turning it over consistently.


 The second half of the practice was devoted to some intense competition between the first team defense and the first team offense. Martelius Epps looked very good tonight and was making a case for some serious PT after getting banged up in spring ball. Even though the team was in shorts and helmets the intensity was still evident.


Michael Tuohy was all over the field tonight and was my pick for defensive player at this practice. He was timing his blitzes and was all over the Quarterback most of the time he blitzed. He really has a fast motor and can almost sense where the offensive player is going and then adjust his pursuit.



#12 Kole Mc Kamey

This one was close with many guys stepping up but my nod goes to Kole McKamey. His leadership and cool head put the offense in some good scoring positions and he threw the deep ball better than I have seen him throw it since camp started. He threw to different receivers both short and long. Anthony Carter, Travis Brown, Marcus Smith and John Mulchrone all had good catches, BUT...

505 Player


#18 Hank Baskett

Hank Baskett continues to impress the heck out of anyone who is within earshot of the practice field. I say earshot because most of the catches make people say "ohh" and "ahh" and "holy @#%#$^". Hank had two of the sickest catches I've ever seen. On one particular catch he twisted his body in midair a la the contortionist at the circus and made the catch just inches off the ground! This was just minutes after catching a BOMB from Kole and taking it to the HOUSE!


Nick Speegle Auction for YAFL Tickets

Prior to leaving for Cleveland Browns camp former Lobo Nick Speegle signed some footballs, hats, T-shirts, and a mini-helmet.


We also have a pair of 50-yard line tickets that we are auctioning off as well.




To bid on these items just follow this link! Red Menace Auction House

There are pictures of all the items and we will keep everyone up to date on all the items.

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