2005 Training Camp Day VIII

Rudy C. breaks out the Metallica take!   

It's a good thing I don't play football for UNM because I would have been in Rocky's doghouse for arriving late for tonight's full pad practice. By the time I arrived at 8:17 p.m. the team was already in lather. The drill? Middle drill, where 7 players on defense and 7 on offense (minus corners, safeties on defense and wide receivers on offense) try to take each other's heads off!


After that the offense and defense did one-on-one drills where one offensive and one defensive lineman go head to head. Some great battles between Anthony Kilby vs. Adam Carday, Ryan Cook vs. Marcus Parker and Bo Greer vs. Evroy Thompson just to name a few.

Then it was time for first team offense versus first team defense from the red zone going in. The offense had the ball placed on the one-yard line and had to move it out of bad field position. Neither side of the ball wanted to give an inch!


On the way home from practice METALLICA was playing "Don't tread on me" and I couldn't help but thinking "how appropriate.


Normally people gravitate to the guys on offense who score the points or carry the ball and tonight was no exception. Adrian Byrd was DA MAN! He is like Allstate because at least two times he took bad pitches from Kole and turned them into nice runs. (You're in good hands with Byrd) He ran north south all night and is quietly have a great fall camp. He also scored one touchdown on a beautiful run right at the stingy Lobo defense. Marcus Smith deserves honorable mention because he mad a good catch and streaked down the sideline to score a TD for the Cherry clad offense.


Cody Kase is one linebacker that Rocky is counting on to come on strong with the departure of three quality linebackers from last year's squad. He did not disappoint tonight and made a great interception on a pass that I thought for sure would be a reception. Cody closed like a hungry lobo after prime rib and made a great run to score for the Silver guys!
The whole defense played with great intensity tonight.

505 Player

C Ryan Cook snaps to QB Kole Mc Kamey

Is there a better offensive lineman in the west than Ryan Cook? I don't think so and tonight he showed why he is on the watch list for the Remmington, Lombardi and Outland trophies. He is one of the most relentless blockers I have ever seen and he moves like a lobo on the attack. Good job Ryan! Props and love to Vince Natali who practiced tonight on a bum ankle but refused to leave the field. The Lobo Warrior mentality permeates the whole team

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