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Dom had the chance to talk to Tyson Ditmore and Kole Mc Kamey for the radio show and we wanted to share with Red Menace fans what you are missing if you aren't listening to Red Menace Radio M-F 6-7pm on 106.3 KAGM

Red Menace Radio recently had the opportunity to speak with Jr. QB Kole Mc Kamey and Soph. Lobo Safety Tyson Ditmore. Here are those 2 interviews.



Kole Mc Kamey



Kole what was the difference in the offense between game 1 vs. UNLV and game 2 vs. Missouri?


KM: Attention to detail. It was 11 guys on offense doing their job, and we still had several mistakes that cost us touchdowns or big yards. Also we played 4 quarters, coming back when we were down 28-21 in the 3rd quarter, and scoring 14 unanswered points. It is so big when people do what they are supposed to do when they're supposed to do it.


I guess the feeling after the Missouri game for the offense had to be quite a bit different than after the UNLV.


KM: Yeah, we felt a lot better after the Missouri game because our offense produced like it has all fall. We produced like we have been expecting to. UNLV, there was such a let down after we came out strong. Missouri we made sure that didn't happen.


When the offense works like that and everyone is involved and making big plays, it shows your potential, and it has to be exciting.


KM: It is exciting! But it is something we have been seeing all fall camp. We have been putting up numbers like that all fall camp. We've been expecting to do this.


How do you maintain it now?


KM: Keep doing what we are doing. Keep studying each opponent and how we can attack them. It is all about going out there and doing your job. Knowing how the defense affects your route or your blocking pattern. It's execution. That is all it is.


How much different is it for you personally after game two last year and game two this year? As far as comfort and command of the offense?


KM: I feel a lot more comfortable no doubt. I'm more comfortable with our scheme, with the players around me, with everything. Everything feels just a little bit better, that comes with a year experience under your belt. Plus the offensive production is already, that gives you a better feeling as well.


Are you at the point where you aren't thinking about it, its reaction, are you there right now?


KM: Yeah. I think that is where most of these guys on the offense are at right now. It isn't standing waiting for me to hike the ball, thinking about what you are going to do.  It is knowing exactly what you are going to do and reacting what the defense does to you.


I think one of the biggest series in the Missouri game and there were many of them, one was after Gabriel Fulbright's interceptYou guys scored the TD and put the nail in the coffin.


KM: What that showed is that we are going to play for 4 quarter. Just because Gabe made the interception and we were up by three doesn't' mean we can't keep going.


That UNLV game was a lesson within a game I guess?


KM: Oh yeah… and it's great to learn a lesson and still get a win out of it. Most of the time you lose and get the lesson, but we definitely pulled a lot of things we learned from UNLV and applied to Missouri.





Tyson Ditmore


The defense has been criticized lately for not playing so well, but in our opinion you guys have been making good plays and that is the mark of a good defense. How do you feel about that?


TD: I think we have been playing pretty good that last 2 games but like Coach Long says we haven't played up to our potential. As a defense I know we have a lot of good athletes out there and I know we can play better than that and hold teams down to 14 points or less at a game but we just haven't played up to our potential yet.


The game against Missouri was a big win for UNM, have you ever seen a player like QB Brad Smith before?


TD: Brad Smith is one of the best players I have ever played against. He is a heck of an athlete and he's got some of the moves that I have not seen on anyone.


What was it like trying to tackle him?


TD: He is very elusive; he would set up his blocks and has that extra speed burst to turn on and off whenever he wanted. He would set up his blocks and go one way and turn on the 4.38 speed or whatever he has, and he has good vision and can see the whole field. I really think he its deceptive because you don't see that he is extremely fast on film, but going out there I felt like I was running in sand trying to catch him.


Tyson you are two games in and UNLV put the spread on you, Mizzou had a kind of unique offense going, what do you expect from New Mexico State and that "Air Raid" thing?


TD: I expect them to throw the ball a lot. I watched a little of their 1st game against UTEP, and NMSU had Royal Gill throw the ball 42 times that game, and I expect them to throw the ball as much as UNLV and Missouri did. Coming down here it's going to be a big game. They always bring their best against us. They are a good football team and they have shown some good signs in their 1st two losses so it's going to be a tough game.


Friends from down south coming to watch this one?


TD: Yeah, there is going to be a lot of people. I'm trying to get a lot of tickets for the people coming up, but they are going to be cheering for both squads because a lot of them still attend NMSU but they have that pride for the Lobos because I play for the team.


Your brother was an Aggie right; do you guys talk a lot of trash to each other?


TD: My brother played tight end for the Aggies, (Dustin Ditmore) but he lives up here now. He doesn't' really talk that much trash. He knows we both have a good team, but I think he is proud of the fact that I am up here.


Tyson talk about your role on the defense, people look at the depth chart and they see you listed as a "Lobo" but don't understand what that means exactly. What are your assignments during a game?


TD: Basically playing the Lobo allows me to be more of a free player, like a free safety. Helping out on the deep passes and a lot of the run, though we haven't had a lot of that in the past 2 games. I'm more like a center fielder watching out over the 2 "wolves". The Lobo really doesn't blitz that much, the wolves blitz.


So pretty much your taking care of anything that comes your way?


TD: Exactly. With a lot of the coverages we run it is all about making plays and there is a lot of opportunities for the Lobo to make plays.


What is more exciting breaking up a long pass, or sticking a running back on the field?


TD: Probably just a big hit, it is kind of hard to tackle somebody in the open field because there is a lot of guys out there elusive like Brad Smith. Stopping a long pass if you take a good angle and get a good play on the ball, that's a little bit easier than making a big tackle on the field.


Thanks Tyson!




Thanks to Kole Mc Kamey and Tyson Ditmore for the interviews and we look forward to huge games from both these young men come Saturday night vs. NMSU

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