Lobos Go To 3-0

Rocky Long could have CRUSHED The hapless Aggies, but he is a self-proclaimed "dinosaur" that won't embarrass another football coach...

New Uniforms… New Coach… New logo… New mascot… New AD… New offense…

Same result UNM defeats New Mexico State 38-21 and it wasn't that close.


I'm not going to get cute with this one as it wasn't really a cute game. It was a massacre! Sure NMSU was able to pick up a couple of cheapies near the end, but the fact is this game was never in doubt. NMSU looked like a defeated team at warm-ups and it didn't get any better from there.


When I think of the Lobo offense right now it reminds me so much of the 1990's version of the Dallas Cowboys. Remember "The Triplets" (Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin) well UNM have their own version of "Triplets" or should we call it the "Pick Your Poison" offense?


The Lobos opened up the game by doing what they do best. Ramming it down the Aggies throats as the Lobos first 3 out of 4 series resulted in Lobo touchdowns. The Aggies tried to shut down Lobo super receiver Hank Baskett by bringing in a safety and rolling coverage over to Hank. All that did was allow Kole Mc Kamey and DonTrell Moore to go off on the ground.


DonTrell Moore set the Lobo career rushing mark in the 2nd quarter, a record that was held by former Lobo Mike Williams (1975-78) as DonTrell finished the night with 3,928 yards rushing. The old mark that stood for nearly thirty years was 3,862. Congratulations DonTrell, but in typical Rocky Long led Lobo fashion, there would be no celebrating, as there was a game to win… So with little fanfare DonTrell lined up and a couple of plays later takes a 24 yard Mc Kamey pass into the end zone as DonTrell finishes the night going 24 carries 120 yards and a touchdown. Moore also caught 2 passes for 23 yards and another touchdown.


The other bit of poison the Aggies chose was QB Kole Mc Kamey. Kole had another spectacular evening Saturday leading the Lobos to multiple scoring drives using his feet. Sure he would toss the ball a little as well going 12-19 for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns, but it was his 71 yard touchdown run in the 2nd quarter that drove the final nail in the Aggie coffin as Kole went to our left, squirted through a hole, turned on the jets, cut across the entire field and when it looked like the last Aggie had a shot, Hank Baskett pushed the last lil Aggie out of the way to get Kole into the Red Menace zone!


Still I hear the same people complain about conservative play, lack of depth, Kole hasn't found another go to receiver, Lobos don't' have a DonTrell backup, why doesn't Dodd throw it more, how are we ever going to get a ranking if we don't blow out The Aggies… blah, blah, blah…


Truth is UNM is 3-0! First time ever in Rocky Long's tenure here, not only are they 3-0, but also UNM is one of the nation's Top 30 offenses, 32nd in passing 28th in rushing. Not bad for a lousy offensive coordinator! Oh yeah, and the Lobos are 3-0!


Defensively the Lobos played well except for a blown coverage, an Aggie trick play, some natural lack of intensity due to the blowout and make no mistake about this game, it was never in doubt and a blowout; the Lobo defense was its usual good self. It was bend but don't break and bend it did as the former anemic Aggie offense was able to mount a somewhat of an attack as they did end up with 361 yards of offense. When the game was fresh and the Lobos were proving a point the Aggie offense looked like they have all year, as UNM started to make wholesale substitutions the Aggie offense got better. Coincidence? Methinks yes.


The Lobo pass rush put pressure on both Aggie quarterbacks all night long getting 6 quarterback sacks and forcing NMSU quarterbacks to do what they do best…. Throw the ball up for grabs. Which allowed Gabriel Fulbright the opportunity to add onto his nationwide lead (currently 6) Darvin Peterson also picked up an interception as UNM ended up with 3 ints for the evening.


Things I liked


Once again a Lobo QB has not been sacked as neither Mc Kamey or Chris Nelson were sacked.


The offense was perfect, just lining up and smashing the Aggies to bit.


TE John Mulchrone is really establishing himself as the #2 receiving option.


Lobo LB Mike Mohoric, Quincy Black, Mike Tuohy, and Kody Case all had great games and all had at least .5 of a sack each.


Kenny Byrd continues to hit XP's and FG.


Amazing Lobo Leap as a bunch of Lobo football players came by for celebration including Mike Mohoric, Travis Brown, Kole Mc Kamey, Hank Baskett, Blake Ligon, Curtis Pino, and the "Golden Toothed One"


Things I didn't like


Lobo D let the Aggies into The Red Menace Zone twice.


Lobo backups at times didn't like up right and looked sometimes lost.


Giving up the big play to Paul Dombrowski


Can we get an onside kick?


Offensive Player of the Game

#12 QB Kole Mc Kamey


I predicted earlier this summer that Kole would end up being named to the All-MWC team and thus far he hasn't disappointed as tonight he ended up with an efficient 12-19 passing for 172 yards, and two touchdowns in the air; and Kole also rushed the ball 14 times for 152 yards and another touchdown on a 71 yard run. The only negative thing you can say about Kole's performance thus far this year is that against the Aggies he tossed an interception.


Defensive Player of the Game

#11 Quincy Black


Quincy is extremely quick and his speed and size are allowing him to rank right up there with former Lobo linebackers in terms of tackle numbers Saturday "Q" ended up with 8 tackles including one for an 8 yard loss, and toss in a 1.5 sacks and Quincy was again a defensive demon.


505 Pride

#22 DonTrell Moore (Roswell HS, Roswell NM)


DonTrell moves into the #1 career rushing mark tonight surpassing Mike Williams… DonTrell didn't' rest on his laurels or the record as he broke Aggie ankles with his cutback moves and aggressive play. DonTrell finished the evening with 24 carries for 130 yards 1 touchdown and 2 receptions for 23 yards and a touchdown.



Final Thought


We talked to Rocky Long about running up the score Sunday afternoon when taping for the Lobos' Coaches Show and Rocky said it best, "I'm a dinosaur fellas. I just don't see how we gain anything by running up the score on these guys. Look as some of the other schools in the across the country that had their starters in the 3rd and 4th quarters of a meaningless game just to put up points. I'm not going to sink to that level."

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