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All I can say about Joel Box right now is that I have seen him play basketball twice and both times he impressed me with his turn around jump shot, Shaq hook, and his sweet mid-range jumper. He doesn't have the Adonis type body that a David Chiotti has, but he is a solid young man that should be able to hold his own come MWC season. 


During Monday's Lobo Media Day I was able to speak with Joel Box about this upcoming season and his time so far at UNM. Here is the interview I had with Joel.


Joel how long have you been here in New Mexico working out?


I've been for about 3 ½ months.


What are the biggest adjustments for you moving up to D-I and being here in New Mexico?


Two things. Adjusting to the altitude and the speed of the game. The game is a lot different, the speed of the game is a lot faster here than in JUCO.


UNM lost a great player in Danny Granger last year and many people feel that you are here to fill that void, do you feel any added or extra pressure to try and fill his shoes?


No… No… Danny Granger is a great player and those would be tough shoes to fill. I'm only here to do what I can do and help the team win. That is what I'm going to do, whether scoring points, grabbing rebounds, or anything else. I think this year we have more of a balanced and all around team, and I believe we will go 10 deep. We have the pieces to the puzzle, it is just a matter of putting them together, and I think we will repeat what happened last year in the Mountain West.


Joel, I know you are new around here, but with your mention of repeating as MWC tourney champs and finishing near the top of the MWC, your team has been picked by the MWC media to finish 5th this year. Do you and your teammates take this as personal insult?


Oh yeah… Media is going to say whatever they say, but we are going to surprise a lot of people. Sure filling the spots of guys like Danny (Granger), Al (Neale), and Troy (DeVries) but I think the coaches did a real good job of recruiting and this team is going to be able to do it this year!


Once again Joel you are new here, but what is the chemistry like on this team so far? How do you feel about being a member of the UNM Lobos?


I'm really excited to be part of this team. I've been on quite a few teams and this is the first team that I can say we are actually a family. Usually on a team you have a couple of guys on a team that are knuckleheads and cause problems for a team, but the coaches have done a real good job of recruiting and mixing in us new guys with the guys that are already here.


Check out this video of Joel slamming one down!


Not many fans know what kind of player Joel Box is, what do Lobo fans get to look forward to from you Joel?


I think you can look forward to good rebounding and a lot of scoring. That is what I do best, I also love to block shots.


Joel I noticed during the Lobo Howl that you have a nice mid-range to 3 pt. shot…


Yeah that is one of the reasons I chose to come here, because of the offense they run gives the big guys the chance to step out and shoot the ball which is part of my game. if I'm not shooting it, I'm playing with my back to the basket and trying to get it to the basket.


Fans are excited to see you play this year Joel and thank you.


I can hardly wait… and thank you!


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