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Sometimes when reading our message boards somebody makes very good posts that need to be published. K.E. Thorne made one of these posts on our women's message board and here it is. Whose post is next? Stay tuned to to find out!

Brandi impressed. One thing I thought the Lobos needed was someone who could get a shot off when the shot clock winds down. Brandi looks to be that someone.

 Julie Briody showed she deserves serious PT. Some slick feeds and drives.

Katie Montgomery had about 5 clean steals. Class act.

Judy Vogt a nonstop motor. Shutdown D. Fun to watch.

Timi E-Nunu is showing some ball handling skills to go with her defense!

I really like the look of Angela Harthill and Rachel Majewski. They show some freshmanitis, a little excitable, a little timid at times, need to finish, but both have the look of contributors this year, solid starters later.


Majewski has a beautiful shot and solid ball handling and Harthill has fire and a determined willingness to power it up. It is going to be a fun four years.

Wande Olude posted up well, made some nice power moves to the hoop. We'll see more of her this year as well.

Lindsay Black played a solid all around game. Kind of an odd shot, but it goes in.

Jana Francis played like a senior starter, made her presence known.

Morgan Saso is a kick. She's enthusiastic, a communicator, seems to have a great sense of humor, works hard, and gets a rise from the crowd every time she clears a rebound with elbows high.

"Dionne is Dionne". She didn't score the way she did last week, but showed again that she's the go-to scorer on this team. She almost seems bored, as she elevates a foot over a defender and drains shot after shot. She will once again be the "all everything".

Kyle Lardner won't get many minutes at this level, but the crowd will love it when she does. She got pummeled a few times last night, bounced right back into the action. She just doesn't have the wingspan, or the speed and skills yet to overcome her size. No lack of heart, though.

As to Abbie Letz, last night was the first time she disappointed. It was like she didn't even show up. No three pointers, no scrabbling for rebounds, no defensive presence at all. She'd better shape up and I hope she does it soon! (Chuckle) **Abbie Letz sat out with an injury.**

All in all, I thought the scrimmage exposed some things. Cherry couldn't buy a basket. Plenty of opportunities, but no ability to finish. The aggressive scorers wore silver, and played with more urgency, IMO.

This year's Lobos have more size AND more speed. We saw several breakaways, and several instant outlet passes. For this early in the year, the ball handling was crisp, the screens aggressive. I'd like to see more movement away from the ball by more players.

While I loved Mandi, I think the Lobos will get excellent guard play this year in her stead. Depth is excellent, and Coach Flanagan will probably play ten or eleven every game. Dionne will score, and opponents will have to key her.


What may be missing compared to last year is a Lindsey Arndt type player. Who will step up when the pressure is on, get that key rebound or bucket when you can't hear in the Pit? Who can score under pressure when Dionne sits or gets in foul trouble? Who can shut down the opponent's all-American, refusing to be intimidated? I see that potential in several players, but only time and the spotlight will tell. And I'm sure looking forward to it!


(Just my take. No expert. If I offended or neglected, sorry.)

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