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Special thanks to "Lobo Dogg" for giving Lobo fans the only hardcore coverage of Sunday's JV game in Colorado Springs!

The JV game had the atmosphere of...well.. A JV Game. About 500 people were in attendance for the game. A good crowd (for NMSU) of about 50 Lobo fans made the trek to Colorado Springs to support the Lobos.

The game started out slow for the Lobos. They looked like a team that has only had a week to prepare together. The AFA team had played 7 games as a team and had a record of 6-1 going into the game.

Bryan Clampitt and the offense got off to a very slow start. I think that they just did not know what to expect from the Air Force team, or each other. Clampitt under threw a 10-yard. out that would have been a first down and then overthrew a wide-open Jason Caprioli. He settled down nicely and played his own game the rest of the way. The offensive play calling that they used for him was a carbon copy of what UNM used for Chris Nelson in Wyoming. They rolled him out used the run to set up the pass, etc. Clampitt did a great job of going through all of his reads and either taking a sure completion or scrambling for 3 yards. I don't know what kind of future he has with the Lobos as far as being on the field, especially with Porterie coming on, but with a little work, he will be a formidable backup. He is also very composed and cool in the pocket (of course the O-line gave him and insane amount of time to look around)

#14 Bryan Clampitt

also on offense RB Martelius Epps, is quick and has surprising leg strength. He moved a few piles really well. Epps impressed me on the day overall. He may need to improve his upper body strength though. He almost had a few balls pulled out, and he did fumble (although UNM recovered) on a run after the catch on a nice outlet pass from Clampitt. He will be great in the backfield with Ferguson. I would have liked to have seen Matt Quillen get some more carries. He had 2 for about 6 yards, but they could not get a hold of him, he has a lot of determination with the ball.

Player of the game was easy. Johnathan Brooks was VERY impressive. He ran nice clean routes and caught just about everything thrown at him. He caught drive saving balls, and layed out nicely over the middle for a catch in the first half. Caprioli is also very impressive. He had super soft hands. Brooks will need to put on about 15 pounds to get significant time I think. I am not sure he would get off bumps at the varsity level. Caprioli is already pretty stout at his size.


Offensive line was good on the day. There was a definite weak link though. I will not point anyone out. It was composed of Jared Stanford, Jorge Enriquez, Vince Natali, Patrick Hodges, and Bart Miller. They gave Clampitt a ton of time all day, and opened some awesome holes for Epps to shoot through. On this note, the Tight Ends played a solid game. Chris Mark will be good. He is surprisingly nimble for his size (huge) and has good hands. He out-jumped the DB for his TD in the End Zone, and had about a 25yrd run after a 5-yard catch on the game winning drive. Mark will be a good one, as he is only a RS-Frosh.

Epps Plunges in for the TD

Defense was running around all damn day. I am going to go out on a limb here and hop right on the Zach Arnett bandwagon. The guy is crazy on the field, flies to the ball, then when the defense is off the field, he is the offenses biggest cheerleader. Everything about him screams "Team". I think he is the player that the Lobos need in the future that will have the never say die (or let up) attitude.

Other former "Maller" Jake Bowe had a solid game. Not a huge statistical game, but he didn't miss assignments (that I could tell) and was under or near every pile. Moving Andres Madueno to nose looks like a strange move at first, but he played well. He, Billy Brittain, and James Crowder all played at nose. If Crowder can gain some strength in the weight room, he will be a good sub at the D-Line. Crowder had a little trouble getting off blocks in the pass game, but was solid. Also other defensive players that played well include, Herb Felder, Yimin Bauman, and Justin Clayton. No one will like to hear this, but in spite of the defense being in position to make big plays, we did miss a lot of tackles. OH! Can't forget the DBs. The two safeties OJ Swift and Darvin Peterson, played a solid game. In on a lot of run plays and in position on pass plays. Juamar Hall played really tight coverage at one corner for the defense. The other corner was picked on a lot, but in his defense, he has not played football in 3 years and is a walk on this year. He made adjustments though and played well after the 1st Qtr when they picked on him. (won't give a name)

#10 Juamar Hall
Quick note on special teams: Jordan Scott will be a great replacement for Tyler Gaus when his time comes. He got off great punts, both into and with the wind. He was pressured heavily on every punt and got great punts off. Place kickers are young and very inexperienced. Good thing Byrd's a Jr.

Overall, not too bad for a team with a weeks worth of practice from this squad. They really worked well together in the end and came through. The one thing that was said after the game that couldn't be more true was that some of the players were less than happy that they would be playing in the JV game, but the game was more about getting playing time, and getting a little bit of the taste of the game back in their mouths, also about the team and not about individuals pride. It was fun to watch. Especially on the sidelines, getting to hear the O-line communicate what's going on in the trenches both on the field and on the bench when the defense is out is amazing. Bostad needs a raise!

I was disappointed in the play of a few guys that I really wanted to see play. So with that I will address our needs for next season as far as getting JC guys. We need some D-linemen. We are just too damn small up front. I hope Harrison is all he is made out to be, but we need a guy on the nose in a bad way (I'm hoping Harrison plays end). I also think we need some playmaking JC Corners and maybe even a safety. We need some depth here. Other than that, I don't see a major drop off from Cook to Natali, of course cook is an All-American, but Natali is tough as nails and a good communicator. Bart Miller is also going to be really good, as a replacement for Pennington. O-line will be STOUT next season, running game will be in place, we should be tough again... but, we need people to step up on D and be PLAYMAKERS.

On another tangent that is rumor at this point, is that Kole has hurt his back, or his back has been hurt and is now bothering him. I don't know what will come of it, but its something to look into....

There are more pictures from Sunday's JV game on our message board. Please click here to view more of the pictures taken...


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