Lobos Shoot Down Ducks

The unherald Lobos step up.

Walk on question answered as Lobos defeat Oregon snapping a 7 game losing streak to Pac 10 schools. I was also able to spend some time in the "New" student section. 



The Lobos headed into the Oregon game sporting a recent 0-7 recorded vs. Pac- 10 teams and with the play of a walk-on and the great play of a true freshman, the Lobos didn't make it 8 as Coach McKay received a complete team effort for the win. The Lobos derailed the quack of the Oregon ducks by beating them 68 to 61.


 #1 Kellen Walter



With all the recent talk on the message boards and Red Menace Radio about the walk-on's getting so much playing time and criticism about why they were getting so much playing time, Coach McKay was able answer some if not all of those critics as Kellen Walter a Jr. walk-on was huge for the Lobos going 4 for 4 from behind the arc. Walter could become a nice spark of the bench if he can keep the torrid pace. "I'm not sure last year how many points per game we won by but it seems like a lot more, these games are making me older. I was very impressed with our group, what can you say about walk-ons. Kellen Walter was great," beamed McKay.


Getting his first start in his young Lobo career Freshman PG Ryan Kersten was another player that played well for UNM. After missing his first couple of shots in the first half Ryan came out on fire in the 2nd half hitting 4 treys as well. He finished with 14 points and more importantly only 1 turnover in 32 minuets of play. After sitting down and talking to Ryan he told me he did not think he would be getting this many minutes he just thought he would get a minute here and there.  "I thought (Ryan) Kersten did a great job, (David) Chiotti and (Mark) Walters were their usual steady selves. I think we got contributions from everyone. Oregon is a dangerous, dangerous team. They can really, really score the basketball. I think they will win a lot of games in the Pac-10. So this was a great win for us," said McKay. Ryan will be here for 4 years and is going to be one heck of a point guard, he can shoot the 3 and take care of the ball, yes he can work on how to breakdown defenses, but he is only a freshman. He is becoming one of my favorite players to watch.

Ryan Kersten


For the first time this season I was able to sit in the "New" student section and enjoy the game from a floor seat (first time ever sitting on the floor). The student section isn't like Duke or North Carolina, but it is getting there, because the students want to take it to that level. They are on their feet the whole game yelling and screaming the whole time. There were times when I was in the section and everyone around we was screaming and I could not even here myself, but I look around The Pit and every one else is sitting on there hands and not getting involved. Credit must be given to the student section as whenever a chat was started it was always started in the student section. It was enjoyable experience and I do believe that with some time and given more space like the section next to the student section this could make a world of difference and The Pit that much harder to play in.

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