2006 Night of Champions

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The 13th annual University of New Mexico Lobo Football team's Night of Champions was once again a success as all the excitement of Lobo football players throwing up unbelievable amounts of weight was a great time for one and all. Imagine my surprise as most of the players came out with faces painted up ala Red Menace Game Day! From Ryan Boyd and Ian Clark's red and black stripes, Matt Quillen's Red Pupils to Tyson Ditmore's "Ultimate Warrior" look there were ideas for future games!

While they are all teammates there is a competition as the players competed for "a McDonald's fruit pie," joked Lobo Strength and Condition Coach Mark Paulsen.

The competition breaks down like this. There are 30 competitors that are split up into two teams (Cherry & Silver). Each team puts 5 players in one of three events Bench Press, Squats, and Power Clean. The players go 1-on-1 to see who can add the most weight in three lifts to their listed Max Weight. The Max Weight has been determined over the past team lifting sessions. So while each player is competing 1 on 1 they are actually competing with themselves as the player with the most gains this spring is awarded the coveted "Beefmaster Trophy" signifying the strides made in the weight room by each players. Also, each player would like nothing better than to get their name on the wall as a Beefmaster, but a UNM weight lifting record.

"Tonight we broke 2 and we were within 5 lbs of 2 more and it isn't getting any easier as the numbers on our board now are such that to break a record is a very difficult thing to do," says Coach Paulsen. Still, there were 2 records broken this evening as TE Major Mosley set a new Power Clean record with a lift of 372lbs and LB Jake Bowe set a new Power Clean record with a lift of 352.

Okay without further ado here is the numbers as I have them written down for this year's night of Champions and eventual winners. It is listed like this, Year, Position, Name, Previous Max Weight listed, how much weight they added tonight, winners are bold!

Bench Press

Sr. LB Yimin Baumen 370 +20 (Cherry)

So. DL Jeremiah Lovato 365 +5


Jr. DL Ryan Boyd 320 +5 (Cherry) **tied

So.TE Chris Mark 360 +5


Jr. RB Martelius Epps 290 +0

Jr. CB Juamar Hall 280 +10 (Silver)


So. FB Andres Madueno 300 +35 (Cherry)

Jr. LB Cody Kase 280 +0


Jr. S Tyson Ditmore 310 +10 (cherry)

Fr. S Frankie Baca 265 +0



So. RB Rodney Ferguson 455 +0

So. CB Glover Quinn 445 +15 (silver)


Fr. CB Ian Clark 430 +30 (cherry) 

So. RB Paul Baker 475 +10


Jr. OL Anthony Kilby 510 +10 (cherry)  Kilby Makes It Look Easy

Sr. DL Tyler Donaldson 400 +5


Jr. DL James Crowder 510 +35  If we lived in New England would it be Craudaaah

Sr. DL Billy Britain 555 +55 (silver) ** Billy tossed on some more weight and nearly had a school record but just barely missed pushing the weight up!

Billy Puts The Weight Up!


Sr. OL Bo Greer 565 +20 (cherry)

Bo Greer squats 585

Sr. OL Robert Turner 585 +5


Sr. LB Quincy Black 362 +0

Jr. LB Major Mosley 353 +19 (silver) Major not only broke a record tonight but went for the school record of weight lifting and came up just a little short!


Jr. WR Travis Brown 245 +39  T-Brown Makes It look easy

Fr. S Clint McPeek 264 +44 (silver)


r. S OJ Swift 296 +12 (cherry)

JR. QB Bryan Clampitt 286 +0


So. DL Kevin Balogun 333 +19 (Cherry) Kevin went for a position record twice and just came up short.

Jr. DL Stephen Hutchinson 333 +2

The competition became hot and heavy as a pair of La Cueva HS teammates and current roommates went at it mano-a-mano for the final point. With loud cheers, clapping, and shout outs from the crowd and each other

So. FB Matthew Quillen 313

So. LB Jake Bowe 313

L. Matt Quillen R. Jake Bowe

Both ended up tied as they added 39 lbs to their individual lifts tonight. In the process Jake broke a record. The two teammates and roommates stole the show as at one point Jake went down with the bar across his chest with his teammates rushing to his aid. Neither could be discouraged and we had the chance to speak with both of them after the event in which they tied. Here is what both guys had to say about the competition tonight.

Jake Bowe Goes Down With The Bar

Jake Breaks The Record!

Quillen said, "It was a great competition by everyone and a great way to end our spring lifting. I can't think of any better way to end it than Jake and I go at it. I thought everyone did a great job tonight and all around fun for everyone." Jake Bow added, "It was a great night. We all had fun out here and there is no better feeling for me than right now."

You guys are roommates does the competition end here or do you take it home? "No, said Quillen. "We are both cheering each other on and that we would do better than what we thought. So I was right there hoping Jake would get that last lift." Jake shaking his head, "No, no man, it was great for us to end up tied. We both came in here and put up personal bests and it couldn't be more fitting that we are both roommates, went to the same high school, and have known each other forever. We come out here it comes down to the wire and we end up tied.

We all got to see the final product for spring tonight but I wanted both young men to talk about how much work they have been putting in at the weight room. Remember they work out both their bodies and minds while going to school as well.

We put in a lot of hours, we go a few hours a day everyday on the field and the weight room, watching game film, and getting our minds prepared, "says Bowe.

In the process of the competition Coach Paulsen told everyone that Jake's next lift was to be for a record, unfortunately Jake wasn't able to get the weight up, lo and behold Paulsen was trying to pull a fast one as Jake Bowe had already broken the record. "After I completed my last lift they told me that my next lift would be a school record, and I missed it but Coach told me that I had already beaten the record he just wanted me to put it further out of reach," says Bowe.

In the end it was just a super successful Night of Champions as Lobo football coaches were there, future Lobo Zayn Bin-Bilal, and I believe Jerrell Miller were there. I noticed recently name Cibola HS Head football coach Judge Chavez was in the house, and former Lobos and future NFL players Hank Baskett III and Ryan Cook also made the trek back to root on their former teammates. Not to mention the hundreds of friends and family members that were there to cheer on these young men. In the future UNM might have to carve out more room in the Tow Diehm facility as this event just keeps getting bigger, better and more popular.


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