Happy WINDsday! Okay It was Really Thursday

Some excellent action as our video quality just went up of the offensive and defensive linemen, and you will love this defensive drill!

Wow it was blowing and blowing hard, I'm sure you'll hear it in the Podcasts and the videos as the April New Mexico winds were out. The promised Indoor Practice Facility hasn't been built yet so the Lobos went out in the wind for some nice inclimate weather conditions.


#48 Justin Clayton destroys the dummy for a fumble 

When I first arrived at the practice field I was able to tape one of the coolest drills I've ever seen. It incorporates just about everything a defensive player would do physically. I know the players are broken up in teams, however, I'm not sure what the winning team receives. Rather than try to explain what goes down here is a video showing some of the players running it. Check out the speed of #11 Quincy Black and #29 Blake Ligon. I wasn't able to get all of the players on video here are some still shots followed by the video for you all to get a cool look at! It is easier than trying to explain!

Glover Quinn finds the ball!


Here is some video Lobos running this drill!


Today was the 1st day of Spring Practice the Lobos wore shoulder pads so while there wasn't full contact the pads were still popping and loudly I might add. I spent most of my time following around D-line Coach Lenny Rodriguez and the defensive line through their day and was impressed by quite a few players. Especially at the NT position as David Dorcey and James Crowder were doing serious damage during one-on-one drills, at this point Billy Brittain is listed as the #1 NT but there is serious heat coming from Chowder and Dorcey today!


Okay my favorite moment of today's practice had to be when  #84 Major Mosley was told to go in for a play. He responded with "I don't know where I'm supposed to be." The Rock said, "You don't need to know, just go in there and knock someone on their…" That is exactly what happened as the new Lobo LB found himself filling the hole and stuffing the running back for a loss! I think everyone got a kick out of that one, I know I did!


D-line v. O-line


Offensive Player of Practice


#75 Anthony Kilby


I'm sure you have seen today's video. If you aren't pumped by the way he was stuffing his opponents today. You'll never be excited about the game of football!


Defensive Player of Practice


#91 James Crowder


At 5-11 283 "Chowder" is built like the nose tackle UNM is looking for. Today he was crushing as you see in the videos and all day long it was "atta boy Chowder". Nice Chowder!


505 Pride


#67 David Dorcey (Moriarty HS)


Once again we go to the nose tackle position as Dorcey was crushing from the inside as well. Plus you have to like that he has a little blood on the jersey!




Here is today's Windy Podcast!

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