First Day of Full Pads

Running backs, Linebackers, Safeties, Corners, Full pads, and scrimmages highlight today's report!

A couple of surprises today when I got to the practice fields today. First, the Lobos were wearing full pads for the first time this spring. I was under the impression that Tuesday would be the 1st day in full pads, so that was fun. Another semi-surprise is the one of the founders of The Red Menace John Salazar was in the house to take in his 1st Lobo spring practice!


The wind was blowing pretty good once again and it didn't' take long to get the pads popping as the Lobos ran an awesome 1 on 1 drill that was complete with agility and lowering the BOOM on someone. There was some physical and I mean physical hitting going on as the Lobos were in pads. Here is a video showing what was going on. Pay attention to the battle for a fumble with a pair of D-linemen and the play of Major Mosley who may have found his home on this squad… Subscribers Check Out Today's Videos


Apologies to Mr. James Crowder –Head Coach Rocky Long was asking Crowder to demonstrate the domination that he read about on the website. Sorry Crowder didn't mean to bring the heat down on you!


The Lobos played a quick scrimmage and middle drills (running plays up the middle) I was once again impressed with the size and quickness of Major Mosley. As he becomes more comfortable in his position his strength shows up more and more. On the offensive line it Bart Miller and Patrick Hodges were running with the 1st team offense surpassing Matt Stried and the injured Robert Turner (wrist injury still light workouts). The teams broke into some special teams drills with kickoff coverage and protection, then it was on to Rocky Long Stadium.

Rodney Ferguson blocks Cody Kase


Once inside Rocky Long Stadium the Lobos went to one-on-one blocking drills between the running back corps and the linebackers! Talk about some battles here! Check out these videos! These guys are tough and the toughest of them all in my opinion is once again the smallest of them all #32 Paul Baker all 5-8 187 of him takes on any blitzing linebacker and will not be defeated! Doesn't matter if the linebacker is bigger then Paul or has leverage on Paul, he finds a way to stop the linebacker! Of all the years I have gone out to practice I have never seen a better or more fun to watch player block then #32!

#32 Paul Baker Throws Down the block!


After blocking drills the safeties and corners line up for one-on-one drills with QB Rocky Long tossing the ball. 1st the safeties play offense with the corners covering them and than they switch. This drill is great as prior to running their route they go up to QB Long and tell him the route they are running. At this point the corner position has Juamar Hall and Ian Clark listed as the two corners but I keep seeing Mike Vandenberg make plays and interceptions. The former wide receiver just finds the ball and has good anticipation as well as hands. 


Practice ended with some scrimmaging and I can hear the detractors now. "Fire Bob Toledo" J Okay, not funny but knowing a certain segment of "Lobo fans" out there, they wouldn't be to thrilled to hear that the Lobo drives consisted of 2 field goals and a safety given up L What was impressive was that 2nd team kicker John Sullivan boomed a 35 yarder!


Offensive Player of Practice


#32 RB Paul Baker


Like I said, watching this guy block blitzing linebackers is fun! He is outweighed and overshadowed by each linebacker but he stones them every time!


Defensive Player of Practice


#84 Major Mosley


The guy is a physical specimen and strong as all get out as he learns his position I look for him to earn playing time!


Some FYI



Sorry no podcast today as yours truly spaced out his tape recorder J


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