Spring 2006 Day 6

8's are wild! As today's player's of practice are a full house. A pair of nines and two 8's. Check out today's videos and UNM's 1st touchdown!

Once again the guys were in full pads so the guys were hitting. I first got to the fields the Lobos were practicing punt coverage with new special teams coordinator Dan Dodd imploring the kickers to get the ball higher and hang it. Funny, but we were a little spoiled with former punter Tyler Gaus as he was a pretty good directional and hang time punter. Hopeful replacements Jordan Scott and Matt Barnard will continue on working on this as the spring and summer continue.





After special teams drills the Lobos worked on the around the hoops 1-on-1 tackle scoring drills. This is just a blast to watch, and what is funnier is that the defense is broken into teams under the defensive coaches. Don't think there isn't competition with these guys either as Coach Reffett's and Coach Rodriguez's teams went at it today. Coach Rod would call it a score and Reffett was like "No Way! BS!" Coach Rod would crack up and laugh. You have to love the exchange and competitiveness in coaches as well. The man today in said drill was Jeremiah Lovato, what a load! As he just blew up his opponent as seen here on video!


Keep an eye out for #98 running over #92 in today's video!


Lobo Drills once again and not to sound like a broken record from yesterday's report but "Way to go Major… Nice job Major" Big, strong as hell, some wheels, so far showing a nose for the ball… Just keep on learning Major


Into Rocky Long Stadium and 7-on-7 drills. Kole Mc Kamey looks crisp on some nice shots to Travis Brown and Marcus Smith.  You toss in the TE position and all of a sudden UNM has a really nice combination here with the passing game.


Onto some scrimmaging and the running game opened up with some nice runs by Epps, Ferguson, and Baker. Amazingly enough, the running game opened up to the passing game and UNM's 1st touchdown in Rocky Long stadium as #5 Chris Nelson hit tight end Luke Walters. He shrugged off the would-be tackler and took it in for the 6 points!


TheRedMenace.com subscribers check out today's scrimmage action including UNM's 1st touchdown of spring.


It would be wrong of me not to mention Martelius Epps as he had a couple of beautiful runs today including using his jets to escape a safety and go up the sidelines for a nice 20+ yard run


UNM followed it up with a 45+ yard field goal by Kenny Byrd. To end the scrimmage the Lobos were driving to the east end zone when their drive stalled, the Lobos set up for another field goal. Unfortunately, the snap was mishandled and field goal attempt was thwarted. Just a little note here, in two days of practice from various distances UNM kickers are to my recollection 4-4 from field goal attempts… Not bad, not bad at all!


Offensive Player of Practice


#98 Luke Walters


Easy one here, you catch the season's 1st touchdown you get the prize. Walters also had a key reception in the offenses final drive and nearly corralled a 2nd touchdown reception.


Defensive Player of Practice


#98 Jeremiah Lovato


Yeah he made the play with the ball in his hands but when you blow up the person trying to tackle you and go right through him you are one tough son of a gun!


505 Pride


#80 Kenny Byrd (St. Pius HS, Albuquerque NM)


Big leg from Kenny Byrd today!


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