NMVarsity.com: Brett Kennedy

Brett looks to have a busy summer that we believe will secure him a scholarship.

How do you feel you compared to other DL at the combine in San Antonio?


BK: Good.  I didn't do as well as I wanted, as I was coming off an injured hamstring.  But I'm working a lot harder for the Nike Camp at Texas A&M.


Are you receiving any interest from schools? Letters? Phone calls? Film requests? Which schools?


BK: I've received some letters, questionnaires, and camp brochures.  Nothing real big right now.  My coach recently received a phone call from Stanford.


Do you plan on camping anywhere this summer? Where?


BK: I'll be busy this summer going to Texas Tech, UNM, Texas, NMSU and a Nike Camp.  I'm still looking at some other camps as well.


What do you feel you need to work on to take your game to the next level and what do you feel you offer as a player?


BK: I feel my speed needs the most work.  I think I offer hard work and am a 'Get the job done' type a guy.


Any max numbers lately? Bench, Squat, Clean?


BK: None since last time.  We'll max out again towards the end of the school year.


What are your goals for this last year of HS?


BK: I plan an earning a scholarship and winning another state championship.


Last time we talked you said you had some favorites.... USC and Penn State.... have things changed? Do you have a top 5?


BK: Penn State and USC are still my favorites or dream schools, but I am also looking at schools closer to home UNM, Texas Tech, Colorado State, and the Arizona schools.


It is the opinion of the NMVarsity.com staff that Brett is a real good looking DT prospect. He is very powerful and explosive and has pretty good technique. Right now Brett stands 6'3 1/2 and weighs 260 pounds. He runs his 40 in 5.2. Mr. Kennedy will probably be able to play at 280 in college. Brett is a high effort player and in our opinion has the talent to play D-I football at a real high level. He of course has things to work, like any player does. If Brett can play with a lower pad level and come out low off the line on a more consistent basis he has all conference type potential.


Look for more stories on Brett through the summer and fall, He has many camping plans and will likely pick up steam with his recruitment.

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