What Is The Drill Called?

Things are getting hot at Spring Practice. Check out today's report and of course Red Menace TV

I talked up the Lobos of Dom's favorite position yesterday… The place kickers and the fact that they hadn't missed any field goals including boomers thus far in Spring Practice, well I obviously put the kibosh on them as they missed a couple today, albeit a couple of long distance field goals but still misses. So I figured I would talk about the punters real quick today, namely #39 Jordan Scott who was hitting the ball well this afternoon. Okay no offense to the kickers/punters but that is Dom's specialty not mine, so I'll leave those reports up to him.

#39 Jordan Scott


Okay, I don't know what this drill is called, I don't know what the eventual winners of this drill receives, but I do know this, it is the hit of Spring Practice. If you've seen the videos you know exactly what I'm talking about. Two defensive players lie down, pop up, go around the rubber rings and knock the snot out of each other. One has a ball and is trying to score a touchdown while the other is trying to stop him. If any of you players are reading this please send me an e-mail with information at admin@theredmenace.com and if you haven't been to spring practice get out there early for this one as the videos are cool, but just don't do the excitement justice. I was speaking with John Salazar of Action 7 Sports and he said, "I can't recall seeing Rocky as animated as he is running this drill." True that John… True that! 


I said the coaches were very vocal about this drill as well, not just Rocky as Coach Troy Reffett tried to pull the red flag out for instant replay from TheRedMenace.com cameras… "Come on man he was out! You have that on video! You have that on video! Was he out or not?" Well Coach Reffett I couldn't give you your answer then, but I can now. After further review… The play stands touchdown, sorry Coach Reffett!


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Stars of today's drill! Check out Jeremiah Lovato once again as he dominated James Crowder. #2 DeAndre Wright also had a sweet hit in today's videos. Unfortunately, I missed the most massive destructive hit of the day as #48 Justin Clayton flattened his opponents. It was the most devastating hit I've seen so far this spring. Unfortunately, so guy named Rocky Long got in the shot! Grrrr… Who does that guy think he is the Head Coach or something?


Okay, so the new offense is being put in and these guys have to learn and re-learn, and re-learn, and learn some more. So obviously it is all about getting reps and doing things over and over again, so the Lobos moved to middle drill with the RB just going up the gut. Here are some videos just showing you the blocking going on. I know they want the RB's to keep churning even if they get hit, don't stop!


We moved into Rocky Long Stadium and I hung around the offensive and defensive line today as well as the running backs and linebackers. I don't know, it just doesn't seem right with the guys in full pads not to stay where the most hitting and physical part of practice is being played. I'll check out QB's and WR's when there aren't pads on. Just an FYI Yimin Baumen has moved from linebacker to fullback.


"Ahh Justin, you're looking at the camera," bemoans D-coordinator Osia Lewis. "Don't be looking for The Red Menace camera!" You deserve the shot Justin. You took the heat for it so here is the picture:



Some great scrimmage action today as the running game picked up some with Rodney Ferguson busting a nice 30+ yard run that set up a Paul Baker sweeping touchdown, but it was #46 George Carter jumping a Donovan Porterie pass and running it back for a touchdown that was the highlight of today's scrimmage. As much as things change on offense, the same remains true on defense for UNM. They are hard-nosed tough sons of guns that will smash you in the mouth, take the ball away, and score!


Check out today's scrimmage highlights!


Offensive Player of Practice


#21 Rodney Ferguson


Rodney had a couple of really nice runs during scrimmage and showed well during blocking drills.



Defensive Player of Practice


#48 Justin Clayton


Okay so he got busted getting his picture on the website today, but he did have the monstrous hit during the defensive drill, and on one-on-one blocking drills he was eating up running backs.


505 Pride


#46 George Carter (Albuquerque HS)


George returned an interception for a touchdown and also did well in 1-on-1 blocking drills.


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