Game Week

Cherry Silver game is on Saturday and check out today's videos

It's game week, albeit the Cherry Silver game, but it is still game week and things are getting a little "chippy" out there for the players as a few scrums arose during today's practice and there is a little extra motivation from the coaching staff as voices are being raised…


When I first got to the practice fields UNM was going through their kick off return drills. While it might not be the most exciting stuff to watch we all know how important it is. These kickoff drills were followed by the "Alley Drill" where a defensive player has to fight off the block of one of the offensive linemen while trying to tackle the ball carrier.


Video of "Alley Drill"

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For a player not supposed to be getting physical due to injury Robert Turner looks like he has battled some this year! I reference the town jersey and look at that helmet!


Championship Challenge! I can watch this stuff hour after hour after hour. Playmakers really separate themselves in this drill and the hitting is outrageous!


Championship Challenge


Some one-on-one with linebackers and running backs and I'll tell you what Yimin Baumen is really starting to show that he can play fullback. He has nice hands, a huge punishing body, and is an exiting player to watch.


One-on-One Videos


We went into Rocky Long Stadium and checked out some 7- on –7 drills, at this point both Kole Mc Kamey and surprise Bryan Clampitt look like the top 2 QB's in camp. Dom and I aren't quite sure of the depth chart, but it really looks like Clampitt is Kole's backup at this point. At 6-4 223lbs. he is that prototypical pro style quarterback. As his confidence grows, so might his playing time.


On the defensive side of things #19 Glover Quinn at SW Mississippi St. came up with an int. and a sweet pass defense that nearly resulted in another int. Glover came to play today.


Scrimmage- The wind was blowing pretty heavy out today and the Lobo offense gave a steady diet of runners as Epps, Baker, Ferguson, Quillen, and Baumen were moving toting the ball. Martelius Epps just keeps making plays; he is an explosive running back with some great speed that really helps him going to the outside. Here are some sweet runs by all the Lobo running backs.


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Friday's scrimmage had Clampitt leading the Lobo offense on a nice drive, today it was Kole Mc Kamey's turn as the Lobos pretty much kept it on the ground until Yimin Baumen received a nice outlet pass from Kole Mc Kamey for the 6, if you look at the video closely John Mulchrone was also open in the play and Mc Kamey had his choice of receivers. We really dug the way the whole offense came over to congratulate Yimin on his touchdown reception.


Practice ended with a little bit of a mosh today as a few of the players got into it. It wasn't the fight that I cared for as much as big Bo Greer in there screaming at his teammates to cut it out and how it isn't going to help the cause to be beating on each other. You have to love when the seniors start showing their leadership in situations like this.


Offensive Player of Practice


#40 Yimin Baumen


In his week long career at a fullback at UNM Yimin is starting to come up huge. Today he had a touchdown reception, some other nice receptions during 1-on-1 drills, and some excellent blocking leading the tailback, all of a sudden the FB position isn't a one horse race anymore.


Defensive Player of Practice


#19 Glover Quin


I unofficially have Quin with an interception, a pass break up, and 3 tackles. Plus if you look at today's videos #19 is all over the place.


505 Pride


#35 Jake Bowe (La Cueva HS, Albuquerque)


Check out today's scrimmage videos and #35 is flying to the ball. I see a couple of tackles for loss!


Don't forget Saturday morning Rocky Long Stadium… The Red Menace 4th annual Cherry Silver Tailgate Party! Bring some food, beverages, and a friend! It is our only tailgate until fall…


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