UNM's 2006 Draft

Listen to interviews with UNM's latest Draftees.

NFL Draft Day where football player's dreams are made and a place where thorns rise up and just hurt. Saturday and Sunday Lobo fans across the nation held their collective breath as some of their favorite Lobo football players of all time were hoping to have their name called. Whether watching ESPN or the NFL network, everyone just kept waiting and waiting, dreaming with these 6 guys…


Ryan Cook


The New York Jets selected C Nick Mangold in the 1st round and I felt at that point Lobo Center Ryan Cook would be selected on Saturday. His family had invited The Red Menace to his draft party the following day and I told his mother it would be a celebration of his pick as he was a 1st day selection. Sure enough the Minnesota Vikings scooped up Ryan Cook with the 51st pick making him the 2nd center over all picked.


Listen to Ryan Cook minutes after he was drafted!



Terrence Pennington


Everyone knows the story of "Big T" he is a tribute to Lobo football and his coaches as he started off like a piece of clay that through hard work molded himself into an NFL caliber player. Many Lobo fans kind of forgot about Terrence, but not us as he had wonderful workouts at Indianapolis and here in Albuquerque during Pro Day. Sure enough the Buffalo Bills with pick 216 in the 7th round drafted "Big T".

 Listen to Terrence Pennington Minutes After He Was Drafted



Hank Baskett III


Quite possibly the most disappointing and confusing member of UNM's potential draft picks. Lobo fans are used to seeing this young man make unbelievable catches, block like no other WR, and be a winner. So as the draft was winding down and Hank Baskett was not chosen thousands of other Lobo fans found our selves angry and very disappointed. Hank is our main man! Not only one of the greatest Lobos of all time but super talented. While he wasn't drafted we learned a little later that Hank has signed a free agent deal with the Minnesota Vikings.


DonTrell Moore


How does a running back that runs for nearly 5,000 yard in his career, runs for over 1,000 yards every season he is a collegiate running back, comes back from major knee surgery in less then a year to have another super year. Lead the conference all-time in rushing yards and touchdowns not to mention an intelligent and good-natured guy not get drafted? Well the Lobo fans found out Saturday/Sunday, as DonTrell was not picked up. Disappointing? No doubt, but Moore ended up in a pretty good spot as the New York Jets picked him up to a free agent contract.


Mike Mohoric, Gabriel Fulbright, Marcus Parker, Adrian Byrd



Marcus Parker


Gabriel Fulbright


Mike Mohoric


Adrian Byrd



None of these 4 Lobos I believe were expecting a draft day phone call, but we believe all will be given a free agent deal somewhere down the line and as soon as we here, we will let you all know.


Finally… While the draft was good to some UNM players it also hurts quite a few guys that have given us so much enjoyment these past few years. They have been friends to this website and us in the end zone and we support them in their future football playing careers.


The Red Menace always has much love for their Lobos!


I'll tell you right now, the NFL teams that have Lobos on them will find players that will work their asses off like no other. All they need is a foot in the door and they will make the most of it. We've seen it here at UNM where most of them were not highly recruited or in Cook's case a walk-on, where they were doubted as players and as a team. These guys didn't listen to those that doubted them before and I know they aren't now. We wish them well and will be following them as their careers progress.

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