The Red Menace Eye On You!

We had our eye out looking at this year's Lobo football team this spring.

Spring ends and it is 4 very L-O-N-G months till football season begins anew. I don't know about the rest of you, but that is just too darn long. Well unless you're the players as I've spoken with a couple of them and they are sore and recovering from an excellent spring session.


I first want to thank Head Coach Rocky Long and his staff for allowing us out there with our video camera, camera, and of course making yourselves available to all our questions and allowing us to do something we really enjoy. I also want to thank each and every Lobo football player for all of the great footage, interviews, and most importantly for not running into me and crushing me as I had the video camera in my hand!


We've been through all of the "new system, new coaches, new attitude" stories and angles so it is safe to say the best things about the spring session is you can see where they players really started to catch on to what they are supposed to do getting comfortable out there, and most important. No major injuries!


With the conclusion of spring practice and the annual Cherry Silver game/scrimmage we like to mention position by position the players that we noticed out there during the springtime. It doesn't mean these guys are going to start or even play, as we aren't coaches nor have any inside information. We are just a few football fanatics that love to see hard hitting, precision passing, great running, and in Dom's case good kicking!




#12 Kole McKamey

As spring begin Dom and I were both impressed with Jr. Bryan Clampitt as he has a nice arm, and during a couple of scrimmages led his team into the end zone. But as spring wore on and as he continue to grasp the new offensive sets and get comfortable in what he is doing Kole Mc Kamey simply tore it up displaying nice throws making good decisions with the ball and how can you knock his performance in the Cherry Silver game"?


Running Back


UNM is gifted with three very talented running backs and all three bring different things to the table, but the running back that set him at least in our eyes ahead of the rest was Martelius Epps. He is a threat to go anytime he touches the ball. It isn't that the other 2 running backs had a bad spring, they had excellent springs, "Tay" just set himself apart.




Yimin Baumen


The position is back and early on Matthew Quillen showed that he is a force to be reckoned with in the MWC, however, coaches always want competition at each level and it is converted LB Yimin Baumen that opened our eyes towards the end of spring with touchdowns. It helps that he blocks like a linebacker. UNM is set with two quality fullbacks and as Yimin learns the trade we think he will earn more playing time.


Wide Receiver


#3 Jason Caprioli

Everyone expects the tandem of Travis Brown and Marcus Smith to be good and this spring they did not disappoint one bit, but it was "The Piasan" Jason Caprioli that caught the eye of The Red Menace this spring. He had an excellent spring as he competes for the 3rd and 4th WR position.


Tight End

#98 Luke Walters

We all know what John Mulchrone can do as he has quite possibly the best hands on this year's team, and Chris Mark is a beast as a blocker and starting to make some nice catches as well. Curtis Pino is working his way in as well, but the guy that caught my eye all spring mostly because we didn't know much about him till this spring was RS-Fr. Luke Walters.


Offensive Line


#64 Bo Greer


Master Sgt. Stanley takes over this big unit and since there are so many positions we are going to pick 2 guys that really caught our eye. The two big fellas are Guard Bo Greer aka "The Sheriff" and tackle Bart Miller. Both are punishing blockers that can move. I also like The Sheriff taking a leadership role on the line of scrimmage. He knows this is senior year and he is making the most out of it.


#77 Bart Miller eclipses his opponent


Miller had a nice spring and #77 flat out stopping his opponents on a regular basis. I know Master Sgt. Stanley wants and expects more of him and we feel that Bart can do it. I'm sure everyone of the offensive linemen are aware that in consecutive years UNM has had O-linemen drafted into the NFL. Which player(s) want to uphold the tradition and be next?


Defensive Line


Once again we are going to go interior lineman and guys out on the edge. There has been concern for the depth of UNM's line, but this spring quite a few guys showed that they have the ability and strength to play in a nice rotation. Still, I can only pick 2 and here they are.


DT James Crowder The guy may not see big time on the field but every practice he is out there busting his ass just to get on the field of play. He plays with the reckless abandon that you expect from a guy fighting for a spot and it shows as he was able to bull his way through plenty this spring. I know he got a hard time courtesy of this spring, but fair is fair. Crowder peaked our interest.


The end position is tough as Wesley Beck was unbelievable this spring and looks to be a integral part of this year's defense, and it was neck and neck but in the end we will give the nod to Phillip Harrison who bounced back and forth with 1st and 2nd team and in one and ones gave Anthony Kilby all he could handle. Plus I'm still holding out for Coach Dodd to let him kickoff or nail a field goal.

#62 Phillip Harrison battles #75 Anthony Kilby




#48 Justin Clayton


Easy one here, the guy may not be the tallest dude on the field, but he hits like a ton of bricks. He has had to back up some of the best linebackers in UNM history and didn't give up, he just continued working hard, practicing hard, lifting hard, and this year we believe will have an unbelievable year. He definitely had an excellent spring and while he may have caught the ire of his coaches at times for looking at the camera, he definitely caught our Linebacker Justin Clayton


Lobo backer


#84 Major Mosley


Not a safety, not a linebacker, but a Lobo backer. And not just one on the field this year but 2! Quincy Black is an exciting athlete and quite possibly the next UNM player with NFL draft status ahead of him. He is a leader and as quick as can be so you would think the natural choice right? Wrong, we interviewed Black and he became the most animated and excited when talking about Major Mosley! Major was recruited as a wide out, hurt his knee, went to tight end didn't see playing time, and this year moved to Lobo backer where he has become one of the most exciting players this spring, and the player that made the biggest splash around. You've seen the videos where coaches tell him just go hit somebody, and he does! We all know his strength and now speed, but it is his nose for the ball carrier that should have Lobo fans excited for #84!



#19 Glover Quin


This was by far the hardest choice to make as RS-Fr Mike Vandenberg and Ian Clark were making plays early on; Vandenberg INT's going into the end zone, but in the end JC-Tr Glover Quin really stepped forward and really started making play.




#2 DeAndre Wright


Blake Ligon showed that he is ready to step up and be the man, and we all know the talent of Tyson Ditmore, but this spring it was once again #2 DeAndre Wright who is a combination of speed and devastating hitting that had us watching him. His athletic ability gets him to the ball and his vicious concussion type hitting while totally disregarding his body is enough to get any and all Lobo fans pumped up!




#9 Jordan Scott

Punting was looking like a scary proposition as spring started. Neither punter setting himself ahead of the other and neither really looking very good, then about 10 practices in Jordan Scott's punts started to turn over and there was lift and launch to his kicks.


Kenny Byrd is… well Kenny Byrd!


Like I said read into this what you will, it is us fans opinions. I don't want to become this massive hype machine for the upcoming season as there is still a lot of football to be learned and played, but there is always excitement for spring and now that excitement is over…


Now I have to paint the house, mow the lawn, do the weeds, clean the garage… Hey do you think we could have football year round?


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